Carly Fiorina is a rock-solid candidate

I love watching Carly Fiorina! Whether she wins the presidency or not (and I hope she does), she is displaying what it means to be a rock-solid candidate, always on message, and as US News and World Report said “unflappable.” I bet her campaign and her messaging will be studied for many election cycles to come – she is THAT GOOD.

According to that same US News and World Report article,

There’s something distinctly impressive about Carly Fiorina’s rhetorical rhythm that’s persuading voters she’s capable of handling any problem that could be thrown at her.

She doesn’t stutter or stammer like Jeb Bush often does. She doesn’t tangle herself into a pretzel that has to be undone later like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker frequently did. She’s more dynamic than the docile Ben Carson, yet considerably less impulsive than the uninhibited Donald Trump.

That may mean she’s just right.

Carly Fiorina is a rock-solid candidate
Carly Fiorina at the Fox News debate in the summer (Credit: Fox News)

I love that her speeches are heavy on policy. She can run circles around most (all) of her opponents on foreign policy. She has a plan, baby. Day one, she’s calling her “good friend, Bibi Netanyahu” and reassuring him that his ally, the United States of America, still has his back. She hit hard at Putin, saying she will rebuild the 6th fleet, and will immediately begin rebuilding the missile defense program in Poland, “right in Putin’s backyard,” a direct contrast to President Obama’s wishy-washy approach to an aggressive Putin.

Paid “protesters” throw condoms at her. She doesn’t flinch. In fact, she asks one protester to do a little fact-checking and find out how many millions of dollars Planned Parenthood gives to Democratic candidates and only Democratic candidates. (The answer: $25 million. Nice shell game.)

News reporters try to trip her up, but she skillfully refuses to be put in a box.

And, like all female candidates, she has an opponent going after her looks. Who can forget Donald Trump’s crass remarks “Look at that face!”

Carly had an answer for him too:

Our nation would be well-served by someone of her caliber, someone who is not afraid to be strong in the face of attempts to “shame” her for being pro-life, for being religious and for being willing to step into the arena. (And not only step in, but mop the floor with her opponents.)

I find Carly Fiorina to be an exciting, engaging candidate, and I for one am more than ready for a conservative female president of the United States. Go, Carly, go!!

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