The Smart Questions Club: Medicaid Expansion in Utah [video]

Perhaps no public policy debate in Utah in recent memory has seen more polls, advocacy, or money spent on it than Medicaid expansion, whether as Healthy Utah, Utah Cares, or full Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Tonight, at about 9:30 PM, we look at what questions you should be asking with guests RyLee Stowell Curtis, Medicaid Policy Analyst of the Utah Health Policy Project, and Cameron Robinson, former Treasurer for the Utah Republican Party and a writer at FortyFive Politics.

The Smart Questions Club: This week in headlines [streaming]

Starting at about 9:30 PM MST  (give or take) on Wednesday, get in the conversation with the editors of Utah Politico Hub as they review this week in headlines and talk about the stories behind the stories. Including Holly Richardson, John English, Curt Bentley, and Daniel Burton, they’ll look at polling that puts Trump over Hillary in Utah (if just barely), Planned Parenthood’s ongoing drama, tax increases sought by over three dozen municipalities, and, of course, the ongoing ripples of the hacking of Ashley Madsen.