Cattle, Tortoises and Militias, Oh My!

Nevada Rancher And Federal Gov't Face Off Over Land Use BattleI found out today that I have a fine on my library card. Not only that, there is a court order for me to pay those fines. Using measured, reasonable steps, Salt Lake County is in the process of deploying a SWAT team to my house to forcibly remove the overdue books from my home. Unified Police Department snipers are also aiming at my house. Our government is known for its careful and proportional responses to disputes like this, so I am sure no unarmed teenage girls will be shot dead, nor will tasers be handed out like party favors, nor will anyone be arrested just because law enforcement officers are angry at you.

Meanwhile, I feel that I should not have to pay government fees like everyone else for overdue library books. After all, the Constitution guarantees freedom of the press, so books are free. Plus my family has been reading books in Utah since the 19th century. A self-described militia of civilians from Delaware will be coming to my house tomorrow to act as my honor guard, to ensure that on Monday, I will be able to continue to check books out of the library without paying any fines for late and unreturned books. Because if the Constitution means anything, it means that I have the right to ignore the rules that apply to borrowing public property in which I have no cognizable ownership interest.

Hopefully our media outlets will continue to portray my situation here as a simplistic confrontation of good versus bad in which the side more resembling your dogmatic political views is obviously and totally on the right side of this. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

(Justin Roberts contributed to this post)

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