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Resolved: With the passage of HB105, Utah has embarked down the slippery slope of legalized marijuana.


No, I don’t feel that the passage of HB105 will ultimately lead to marijuana legalization in Utah.

First off, I don’t see this as a “slippery slope”, but more of a “slippery floor sign.”

With proper regulation and observation of how any future legislation is passed that affects this bill (something that the Utah Legislature IS good at): this law (as written) will be a benefit to the field of medical research.

We seem to forget that the only reason the industrial use of hemp was outlawed was because of propaganda based on flawed or false information (the film Reefer Madness is an example) to protect the interests of paper mills. The world has dynamically changed since then, and so we must change our perspective on it.

To question or challenge laws like HB105 is to effectively say “We know how we can make medicine, but we choose not to, for personal reasons.” As someone who has worked in the medical industry, that is quite a contrary position to take.

One of the quotes I tell anyone I have trained or worked with in the medical field comes from the pilot episode of the TV series ER (by Anthony Edwards as the charectar Dr. Green): “People come in here… and they are sick, and they are dying… and they need our help. And helping them is more important than how WE feel…”

I feel it applies here.

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