Charlottesville about more than racism

Every record has been destroyed or falsified. Every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted. Every building and every statue has been renamed, every date has been altered. History has stopped. Nothing exists except the endless present in which the Party is always right. – George Orwell, 1984.

By David Rogers

Another tragedy has struck our beloved country. Demonstrators legally gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue were caught up in counter-protestor violence. All we know is that the demonstrators had a permit to march. Counter protestors gathered from who-knows-where were associated with Antifa. After widespread conflicts ensued, a car driven by one of the demonstrators, identified in the press with a broad brush as White Nationalists and neo-Nazis, drove through the crowd killing one lady and injuring many others. The incident was ugly, but the core of the incident was not exclusively about racism. What are the key issues so absent in our propaganda press?

Anytime you get fringe groups like this, nefarious motives can be ascribed according to the left. Were the demonstrators racists? Likely some extremists in there, but it does not matter. Were the counter protesters motivated by anti-racism? Who knows? But they were well organized and had specific tactics and provocations prepared including clubs, coke bottles filed with cement, balloons filled with urine and pepper spray. Their ties to George Soros are prevalent, as ads were run offering $25 plus an hour through Craig’s List. What is clear is that the demonstrators were there legally, permits in hand. Regardless of how ridiculous or distasteful their cause, they had a legal first amendment right to express themselves. The unlicensed counter protesters saw violent clashes erupt quickly as they marched against the demonstration. They also had a right to their opinion and expression. But neither group had the right to infringe on the other or incite violence. President Trump was accurate and justified in pointing to both sides of the conflict as being at fault. Moral equivalency is not at issue.

The core concern here is not racism, white supremacy or other distasteful ideologies. It is the right of every American to peacefully express their opinion and hold their own view of history. The leftist protestors, in accusing the demonstrators of fascist leanings, exercised fascist tactics in trying to thwart their expressions. The issue is not who has the moral high ground. The issue is who has the right to say what they feel and do so securely. Whether we like it or not, unpopular and offensive ideologies are constitutionally allowed a voice in a free America. If one can be silenced, all can be silenced. If the ideology is hateful, counter to a healthy society, or otherwise offensive chances are it will fade with time. There is little need to resort to violence to stomp it out. That is simply not the American way. That is the way of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other fascists.

The media is all over the incident, and as usual, they make it about the superior morality, in their view, of anyone seeking social justice. The “white supremacists” are the evil scum who deserve their comeuppance. But the violent anti-protestors are heroes, fighting their just cause. And as usual, the leftist, commie media lines up to somehow blame this all on Trump. Every pathetic outlet with three or more letters has their talking heads creating the narrative that somehow Trump is the great enabler for this sort of thing. As the inimitable Maxine Waters blathered: “Now we do not have to think Donald Trump is a racist, now we know he is a racist”.  This misleading posturing may be the most offensive and dangerous of all.

When Trump rightly condemned actions on both sides he was roundly criticized for being partisan and “sending a message that this sort of behavior is acceptable.” What utter nonsense. Even when Trump doubled down and specifically denounced white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other hate groups, it was not enough for the loony left. Trump’s point has merit in that the actions of the counter-protestors were organized to incite violence and division. The unsavory views of the legal demonstrators were simply an excuse. These facts were conveniently missing in most media reports.

Trump pointed out in his press conference last Monday that Robert E. Lee is indeed part of American history, as are other slave owning figures like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. This is a simple fact. But that fact was politicized against him. Now, somehow, anyone who supports a statue of a Confederate figure, or former slave holder is somehow participating in blatant racism. It matters not that these monuments have been around for over a hundred years. Nor that our first black President never raised the issue. Suddenly the dividers of men have a new cause célèbre.

But again, the press and virtue signaling social justice warriors are missing the point. Racism itself is not at issue. Redefining America, its culture and creating division along racial lines by inhibiting speech and, by implication, the very thought of preserving a part of our history as worthy of condemnation, is the real problem. This is the application of fascist Cultural Marxism at its finest. It is the attempt to exercise influence by re-defining who we are and what is important through the violent enforcement of one specific ideology. Free expression or debate is not part of the equation. You are either with the left, or you are an evil racist hater. It is also noteworthy that this event was not a coincidence. It is a precedent for further confrontations down the line.

We should remember that fringe elitist groups have been around for decades, even centuries. We have heard little about the doings of white supremacists, or the KKK in the last decade or so. They only seem to be an issue when they can somehow be used as fodder to discredit Trump or be incorrectly associated with other “right wing” and “conservative” demographics. When Clinton or Obama was President, these fringe elements hardly made the news or merited a second glance. Get Trump in office and all of the sudden he is the great motivator of the lunatic fringe. This is exhibit “A” in how to divide the country using identity politics.

Hopefully, most Americans are not fooled by this story line. Of greater concern are the well funded and organized protesters who will find the next piece of trouble making to dovetail off of this event. Already reports are in of defaced statues and requests to remove numerous historic monuments. If free speech, however trite or unsavory, can be silenced and our history wrested by force, we have a bigger problem than a fatal car incident. Hopefully, most Americans can see the bigger picture behind these events.

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