City Weekly readers, you can’t be this dumb


I’ll admit it: I enjoy alt weekly newspapers like City Weekly. Sure, they’re almost always WAY to the left of me politically, but they also go after stories that many others won’t touch and aren’t afraid to let their biases come on through bright and clear. That said, I seriously wonder about their readers. Usually their annual Best Of is just a bunch of voting on bars, restaurants, and the like with a few funny items tossed in. In the politics area, it’s predictably liberal. What’s surprising this year is the readers’ inane selection of Worst Utahn has former Attorney General John Swallow in third place.

No, you read that correctly. Governor Gary Herbert and Senator Mike Lee actually managed to outrank a guy who sold access to the AG’s office for millions of dollars, illegally laundered campaign donations, and regularly used dark money to assassinate opponents. What were Herbert’s high crimes that made him more infamous than a less inept version of Rod Blagojevich? That he does the “right thing” too slowly. Yep, you heard that right. Apparently taking a slow approach on Medicaid expansion and not using executive authority you don’t have to do something about air pollution is a greater offense that raking in millions of dollars from criminals that don’t want to be prosecuted. I can only guess at Lee’s particular offenses, but I’d wager it just has to do with being a political polar opposite.

This is the kind of buffoonery I would expect out of your average Salt Lake Tribune article commenter. But for the “wisdom” of a crowd to decide that outright corruption is less objectionable than a political position or method? It’s mind-blowingly stupid and there’s just no kind way to say it.


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