Clinton Book Blathering

By David Rogers

“Hillary Clinton is like O.J. looking for the real killers.” – Mark Steyn on Fox News

Will Hillary Clinton ever just go away? It was not enough that she stole the nomination for the Democratic Party and then proceeded to fumble the election in a most historically incompetent manner. It is not enough that a blustery real estate developer from New York with no political experience smoked her in the Electoral College. Just like an inexperienced and relatively unknown Senator from Illinois crushed her in the primaries in 2008. In the epitome of psychotic narcissism, Clinton cannot admit she may have been the most unpopular candidate in decades; she had to actually publish a book that takes the blame game to new heights entitled “What happened”. Here is a clue Hillary…you happened.

Sean Hannity ran a list of reasons Clinton has outlined over the last ten months as to her reasons for losing the election; it is quite a long list. It seems she discovers a new suspect every week to try and explain why she could not get over the top. Most of those reasons are absurd. Such as her accusations that too many Americans are just sexist and could not bring themselves to vote for a woman. As a middle of the road moderate disguised as a conservative, I could envision a woman President, just not that woman. In fact Carly Fiorina was impressive and one of my favorites in the Republican field.

Clinton and Clinton supporters like to point out she won the popular vote. A visit to Beverly Harris’ site might offer another take on that. Ms. Harris (a Democrat) has published information showing Clinton’s totals may be overstated by as much as fifteen million votes due to various applications of voter fraud. In other words, Trump may have won the popular vote overwhelmingly if all votes were counted in a correct and legal manner. Clinton even goes overboard in a recent interview suggesting we should do away with the Electoral College altogether. And this is a person who would have taken an oath to defend the Constitution?

Another lame argument stems around the lack of turnout of female voters. In the many interviews surrounding her book tour, Clinton laments conversations with liberal women who neglected to vote. Perhaps there is cause for her supposed female constituents to avoid a woman who declares herself a supporter of feminism and women’s rights despite a history of lambasting all of the women with which her husband had dalliances (allegedly). Hypocrisy does not sell.

Her argument about Russian interference holds no water, much like her other accusations. She blames Russian interference in “weaponizing WikiLeaks documents” when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has stated emphatically Russia had nothing to do with his sources of information. In fact, ex-Clinton Insider Dick Morris debunks the whole theory here:

Even worse, Clinton’s latest interviews contain ravings about unfair treatment by the press. Is she kidding? The press fawned over her candidacy while running a political assassination campaign against Trump. Clinton’s coverage was over 90% positive while Trump’s coverage to this day runs 90% negative. Even some of the left wing true believers will have a tough time swallowing that one.

The list of potential scofflaws that Clinton’s accuses of ruining her chances rolls on like a wall of hurricane Harvey flood water, with about equally palatable results. She blames the FBI, James Comey, racism, sexism, misogyny, the Russians, Vladimir Putin, Anthony Wiener, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Fake News, the New York Times, low information voters, the DNC and on and on and on. Not once does she consider her own insincerity and corruption (read “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweitzer for a clue) to be a cause of anything whatsoever. Simply unbelievable.

Here is a simple fact. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, tired, vindictive and generally unlikable person. This translates directly into her candidacy. As the evidence piles up, it looks more and more likely that the Democratic base wanted Bernie Sanders, not Clinton as their candidate. And internal DNC wrangling assured her the candidacy through pressure and intimidation from the Clinton camp. And that cost the Democrat Party the presidency as the independent swing voters and traditional blue collar base turned their nose up at Clinton.

Perhaps it is time the Clintons take some good advice and fade into the pages of history. That would be sound counsel if they wish to preserve any remnant of accomplishment and cease to tarnish whatever legacy they may claim. A permanent Clinton retirement form the political stage should be “What Happens Next”.

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