The CNN-Democratic debate was a media love-fest

Tuesday’s debate between Democratic presidential candidates showcased the inherent difficulties this next presidential election will face. Similar to the last two elections and the current Obama Administration receiving a mainstream media pass on almost every difficult issue or controversial decision, so this Democratic election cycle began with a left-leaning media love-fest. Proof once more that our media is in bed with liberalism and all its proponents while conservatives will all have a target on their backs when crunch time comes. Rhetoric flies high in these debates, but the far leaning, new era socialist dogma took this particular evening over.

By David Rogers
By David Rogers

In my opinion, Anderson Cooper should be immediately barred from public media and stripped of his credentials. The softballs he threw out all evening were almost reprehensible in their civility. This in contrast to the last CNN Republican debate where moderators stood in line to throw leading and controversial questions at the candidates designed to provoke attacks one upon another. The “he-said-she-said, let’s all pick on Trump” attitude of the Republican format provides a stark contrast to the “let’s not ask Hillary anything difficult” demeanor on display last Tuesday. In fact, it seemed that the candidates had conspired beforehand not to ruffle too many feathers.

The candidates roundly avoided such subjects as the potentially illegal use of Ms. Clinton’s email servers, Benghazi and the Clinton foundation. Even Mr. Sanders’ avowed declarations of socialism were basically off-limits to criticism. The seminal moment of the debates must have been Bernie Sanders’ rehearsed defusing of the Clinton email controversy when he interjected into a question directed at the issue by retorting: “Let me say something that may not be great politics, but I think the Secretary is right, and that is the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damned emails! Enough of the emails! Let’s talk about the real issues facing America!”

Cheers erupted in the audience and the adjacent press room. “Enough already!” agrees the leftist sympathizers. Enough of this right-wing conspiracy to smear our anointed candidate! Yes, let’s talk about the real issues. The rest of the evening proceeded to march onward without much discussion of “Real Issues” at all. While Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders threw out such liberal aphorisms as income inequality, the evils of Wall Street, free college, social justice and reining in the evils of capitalism, real issues like the near catastrophic national debt, crumbling foreign policy, Putin run amok, the Middle East on fire, Iranian Nukes, Chinese aggression in the Pacific and other actual crises facing America went almost entirely unmentioned. Under the approving gaze of the moderators Wall Street and the NRA were vilified while Iran, ISIS, and Russia were hardly mentioned.

Actually, such email controversies and Mrs. Clinton’s record as Secretary of State are the real issues as well. The lack of leadership in America and the selective enforcement of only favored legal stances of the current administration are at the core of our country’s problems. Mr. Sanders pandered well for a runner-up spot as Vice President on the inevitable Clinton ticket but missed the point entirely. Mrs. Clinton seems destined to receive the Democratic nomination. But there are serious character issues in play here, and her honesty and forthrightness with the American people is highly suspect.

If over half of the electorate cannot trust Mrs. Clinton, how in the world will our Congress or foreign allies ever become comfortable with such a person in charge of the most powerful economy and military on the planet? And after eight years of President Obama’s confusing actions, can foreign leaders tolerate a continuation of an American leadership vacuum? In addition, there may very well be illegal and impeachable doings in Mrs. Clinton’s past. These issues are far from resolved and portend more political contention, though high-level efforts to sweep them quietly under the rug are not out of the question.

Besides the media’s allowance of soft, touchy feely questions and answers throughout the debate, the further concern for any conservative was the attempt of each candidate to lean further left than the rest. The popularity of Bernie Sander’s socialist dialog has other candidates scrambling to move their platform as far left as they can comfortably go. The young millennial voting bloc is responding well to Mr. Sanders’ socialist message, while being too young and inexperienced to realize the cost or viability of such a political philosophy. The other candidates need to make a play for the under thirty voter as well, and so the rhetoric moves ever more left towards the ridiculous.

And as for the substance such rhetoric implied during the debate, should such ruminations actually become policy at some point in the future, our nation would be bankrupt within a decade. The candidates forwarded the feel-good social dialog that appeals to starry-eyed idealists but lacks any practical application in the real world. Remember the wise but wry observation of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Truer words were never uttered and America is in no financial position for a history lesson.

The fact that the moderators and associated media cheered on this soft-pedaled socialist dialogue is of equal concern to the actual positions being espoused by the candidates. A diligent press would have countered some of the absurd assertions made by the candidates. “What exactly do you mean by reining in capitalism, Mrs. Clinton?” “You are espousing free college, but who will pay for that?” But no such troublesome follow-up questions were heard. To allow such über liberal assertions to pass as unchallenged and acceptable mainstream dialog is inexcusable.

The entire debate was simply a premonition for the upcoming 2016 presidential election proceedings. Inevitable the mainstream press, with their love for liberal, politically correct ideals, will elevate the Democratic candidate and look for every possible nuance of discrediting detail on the Republican candidate. Perhaps the only hope for conservatives is a Trump-like, thoroughly researched, well documented, vitriolic attack on the whole establishment, media and candidates alike, when the time comes. Can the Republicans effectively identify and counter this institutionalized hypocrisy? It will certainly be difficult with mainstream media lining up against the right. But in order to have any chance at a Republican victory, this leftist love-fest has to be effectively exposed and diffused before it has permanently done its damage.

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