Comey and Democratic hypocrisy

“All I can tell you is that the FBI Director has no credibility” Representative Maxine Waters, January 13, 2017.

by David Rogers

As our good man Harry Caines has recently pontificated, he believes Donald Trump just took one more step in a lunatic, Stalinesque stroll to the madhouse by firing James Comey. Apologies to Harry’s Ph.D. and rigorous study of history, but let’s take a step back and look a bit more objectively at these events for a minute. We might just see that Trump is the only one in this process not filled with hypocrisy. Trump promised to drain the swamp, and I surmise that James Comey was a few gallons of sludge and goo to be shoveled out of that very swamp.

James Comey’s history is not as Snow White pure as one might think. He was on the board of HSBC when they became involved in allegations of international money laundering. He was also suspect for numerous conflicts of interest with the Clinton Foundation and other incidents from the Clintonian past. A brief summary of some of these murky ties can be found here:

Comey’s actions around Hillary Clinton were inconsistent at best. When he testified last year before Congress and laid out a solid case that would put any Perp not named Clinton into an orange jumpsuit, then stated there was no reason to prosecute, jaws dropped across his agency and across the country. Depending on the source he was either “eminently respected” or had created a serious “crisis of confidence” among the agents that actually researched the Clinton email scandal. Either way, something was amiss.

Former Clinton insider Larry Nichols is on record stating that Comey’s handling of the email scandal was a simple smoke screen to ensure that no investigation of the Clinton Foundation was undertaken prior to the election. Nichols provides anecdotal evidence that such an inquiry would have been far more fatal to Clinton’s campaign (and may still be Justice Department fodder in the future). In any case, Comey’s behavior towards Hillary Clinton would be described as “strange” under the best circumstances. It was clear to any observer that Comey was compromised and leaned not toward the enforcement of the law but toward the enforcement of political will. One can only wonder what influence Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch’s little airplane rendezvous in Phoenix had on Comey’s erratic behavior.

Mr. Caines should also remember the hue and cry from the left that began immediately after the election for Comey’s head on a platter. Hillary Clinton blamed Comey directly for her loss, citing fake polls showing her in the lead before Comey’s announcement of a re-opened investigation just prior to the election. If anyone’s memory is foggy, have a listen here:

Most insiders believe Trump should have fired Comey day one. But Trump probably allowed Comey to stick around to see what other rats might pop out of the woodwork in the meantime. It is clear that Trump is surrounded by establishment insiders and the numerous unelected (appointed) bureaucrats that comprise the bulk of the “Washington swamp”. Comey, an Obama appointee, is one of many insiders that will likely be shown the door in months to come. That is if Trump wants to re-establish any kind of order and professionalism in Washington. It is clear that many more bureaucrats will need to receive their walking papers.

Of course, to a Trump-hater there will never be a good time or good reason to clean house of anyone. It will all be viewed as overreach. Never mind Bill Clinton did the same thing to FBI Director Jeff Sessions in 1993. Never mind that Comey wrote a letter the day after his firing stating the President has the right to do so. Trump is crazy, Trump is a dictator and no good will ever come of any move Trump makes. Never mind that Comey’s firing will not hinder any ongoing investigation of “Russian interference” one iota ( I will personally buy Mr. Caines dinner if anyone anywhere comes up with one substantial piece of evidence linking Donald Trump to direct Russian influence; what a canard).

Here is the point every American, Democrat, Republican or Independent, left, middle or right, conservative, moderate or liberal, needs to consider very carefully. Washington D.C is completely overrun by people who want to perpetuate big and intrusive government. A great number of these interests could not care less about “the will of the people”. Bloated and unnecessary agencies flourish to champion their own interests. This burgeoning bureaucracy is bleeding our country dry and eroding our constitutional rights.

We need competent leaders who will lean down all of this “swamp sludge” by cutting back and cutting out agencies and endless federal employees, as well as replacing political hacks with no-nonsense leadership. Competence and principle must replace the current cronyism and hypocrisy. If Mr. Caines knows his history, he must admit that this is gargantuan, if not impossible, task. Only a business oriented person like Donald Trump, who will put principle before his popularity, has even the remotest of chances of accomplishing such a task. If this does not happen, America as we know it will be broken in the not too distant future. James Comey represented the epitome of dysfunctional bureaucracy in Washington. If anything is to change, Trump needs to repeat his act of “absurdity and audacity” many, many more times in the near future.

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