Coming soon: the Color County Politics Podcast

By Jesse Harris

One of the biggest casualties of the implosion within the journalism industry is local news coverage. This is particularly acute in more rural areas like Iron County, where I live. More often than not, the only “news” coverage we get is a mix of police blotter clickbait, regurgitating press releases, or summarizing what happened at the Cedar City council based on watching a YouTube stream. There’s little, if any, value added that provides any deeper knowledge or context, and the people who make public policy are rarely even interviewed.

I’m going to change that.

Starting October 2, the Color Country Politics Podcast will do weekly interviews with political leaders in or representing Iron County. We have some great episodes already lined up.

  • A discussion with Rep. John Westwood and Sen. Evan Vickers about the four statewide ballot initiatives.
  • Iron County Commissioner Mike Bleak talking about why he decided to get involved, how the Iron County Republican Party can support candidates, and what exactly a county does.
  • Cedar City Chief of Police Darin Adam on policing culture, how to build the public trust, and the impacts of Prop 2 on local law enforcement.

You can already subscribe on the most popular podcast platforms so you won’t miss a single episode. I hope you’ll listen in!


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