Congressional District 3 remix: John Curtis and Chris Herrod


by John Mulholland

After an interesting race last year to replace Jason Chaffetz we are back at it again with John Curtis running for reelection and Chris Herrod challenging him again.


John Curtis

Congressman Curtis said he is quite pleased with his first five months. He just had a bill pass 392 to 6, which allows for people to work on federal waterways if they do an offset project to help with conversation. Curtis is also working on a bill to better allow broadband cables to go through federal lands so more remote areas can have faster internet speeds. He is also working on several other federal land bills for rural Utah.

Curtis stated he is very happy with his committee placements, especially as it was a non-standard year he was elected. He was able to get on the small business committee and on the Middle East and Eurasia subcommittees of the Foreign Affairs committee. Curtis is also on the Energy and Public Lands subcommittees of the Natural Resources committees.

He voted for the tax reform and against the omnibus and debt increase bills. Curtis has been extremely busy with constituent outreach. He has held over 30 town hall meetings, sometimes doing 5 over a weekend. He realizes he won’t be able to keep up the pace but loves staying in touch with how people feel.

Chris Herrod

Chris Herrod did not respond to a request to be interviewed.

There is a lot of concern at how much junk mail he and the PAC that supported him sent out the last election. There was also some confusion at just how much money Chris received from out of state. More information can be found at

Chris has been on the SCC and has been part of the group of 51 that called and held short notice “special” meetings. At the last one, they changed a bylaw which conflicted with state law. This jeopardized every Republican candidate until the GOP chair said the change was null and void as it violated the law. More can be found at

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