BUZZ: Could Jim Dabakis be getting out of the race for Salt Lake City mayor? [UPDATED]

UPDATED 4.15.2015 at 3 PM to reflect Dabakis withdrawal from the race for Salt Lake City Mayor and endorsement of Jackie Biskupski to replace Ralph Becker in City Hall.

In a Facebook post this morning, Jim Dabakis announced that he would meet with Jackie Biskupski later today, indicating that it was possible that only one of them would remain in the race for Salt Lake City mayor.

By 3 pm,  Biskupski had posted on Facebook a picture of her and Dabakis together, noting that he had endorsed her for Salt Lake County Mayor.

Up until his exit from the race, the Dabakis campaign  had several missteps. Last week, Dabakis was notably absent from both the annual Salt Lake County Democratic Party fundraiser “Politisauce” and from the Salt Lake County Democrats annual organizing convention at Cottonwood High School on Saturday (his campaign also failed to come on his behalf).

Delegates were quick to notice the absence. Where all the other candidate (including current Mayor Ralph Becker, Luke Garrot, and Jackie Biskupski) were on had with signs, staff and to meet with delegates to shore up support for the August Primary, Dabakis with MIA.

Meanwhile, Dabakis failed to get control of URLs of his name, with and both redirecting to Jackie Biskupski’s official campaign site. Earlier, a site Dabakis did put up had instructions to campaign staff posted directly on the page, instructing them not to post the page until he had finalized the information for the page.

Previous to his selection by Democratic county delegates as successor to Ben McAdams in the Utah Senate and subsequent appointment by the Governor, Dabakis served as Utah Democratic Party chair and is known for his energetic and sometimes over the top communications style.1  James Dabakis   MAYOR UPDATE  After pouring over numbers for two...


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