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Count My Vote

In 2010, establishment beltway Republican Bob Bennett was seeking his fourth term as U.S. Senator, even though he’d initially campaigned on a two-term pledge. His re-election would have been in the bag in the general election, but first he had to go through the Republican Party convention to earn the party nomination.

A groundswell of  Republican delegates, however,  were ready to move on, and they narrowed the field down to Tim Bridgewater (58%) and Mike Lee (42%), denying Bennett the nomination and ending his Senate career. Lee went on to win the GOP primary and then the general election in November.

Exoro1In 2011, The Exoro Group’s founder. LaVarr Webb, and president,Maura Carabello, started the Ballot Proposition of “Count My Vote” under the Alliance for Good Government.

What is the Exoro Group?

The Exoro Group is a communications firm that deals in political campaigns, media relations, and opinion research. Its services are much more valuable to a candidate with money who wants to be on the ballot, but who doesn’t want to risk failing to get nominated by GOP delegates.

As of February 18, 2014, Count My Vote has raised over $1.1 million, with contributors that include Gail Miller ($152,000), the Huntsman Corporation ($100,000), and the Sandy Chamber of Commerce ($49,000), as well as over $67,000 from out-of-state donors.

As of yesterday, $950,268 of that has gone back to the Exoro Group.

LavarrwebbUnderstandably, there are some people who want changes made to the Republican caucus. State Senator Curt Bramble is behind SB54 to make changes to the system, which would arguably cut Count My Vote off at the knees. had a post invoking Hitler and Stalin over the bill.

Who publishes

LaVarr Webb.

All of this is public information. It’s just interesting to follow the money trail.

Count My Vote financial filings

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