CMV & Utah Legislative Leaders Agree on Language

Vote_12345Maybe the deal wasn’t done, yet.

Maybe there were details to finesse. Maybe exact language wasn’t worked out. Maybe constituencies need to be contacted.

Or maybe Count My Vote was spiking the football before crossing the goal line.

Whatever the reason for the delay, Count My Vote and members of the Utah legislature on Sunday afternoon finally held the press conference  (a first for Utah, but held at that time at Count My Vote’s request) to announce an alternate path to the Utah Primary ballot.

For caucus supporters and the big parties, it retains the caucus and convention system. For Count My Vote, it provides a “Lexus lane” that allows candidates to bypass the convention and go straight to a primary.

According to a joint statement from members of the Utah Legislature and Count My Vote posted on Vox Populi, the Utah House official site:

The agreed-upon reform language will be written as 2nd Substitute Senate Bill 54, sponsored by Sen. Curt Bramble and Rep. Dan McCay. The new legislation will preserve Utah’s caucus-convention system and provide a direct primary alternative based on gathering a threshold of voter signatures. Such a dual system exists in some form in five other states and provides the voting public with the best features of both systems. 2nd Substitute SB 54 will also open primary elections to non-affiliated voters.

You can watch the press conference below. A Q&A by Count My Vote is at the bottom.

Count My Vote-Q&A

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