Countdown Continues: 4 Things You Need to Know

Countdown Continues: 4 Things You Need to KnowFour days to go until the end of the 2015 legislative session (including today!)

Here are four things you need to know about the last few days of the session.

1. The boards will be wiped tonight. That means that all of the bills currently up on the House Reading Calendar and the Senate Reading Calendar will all be removed, sent back to the Rules committees, then put back on the board in order of priority. Each legislator gets to pick their top two bills – and that’s it. Tonight, a number of bills will die, never to be seen again this session.

2. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be the last day of committee meetings. This is later in the session than has been the norm, but this year, the legislature is trying hard to make sure that every bill gets 2 committee hearings. Floor time tomorrow starts at 5 pm and goes until o’dark thirty.

3. On Thursday, rules will be suspended for the final day of the session. This means that bills will be debated that have only had one committee hearing, that Senate bills will be read for the second and third time simultaneously (that actually started today) and some other interesting procedural maneuverings.

4. There will be a LOT of sauntering on Wednesday and Thursday. Neither body wants to get too far ahead of the other on the number of bills passed, so while one side is catching up, the other side is stocking up on caffeine in many forms and wondering if they couldn’t just mainline it for one or two days….

PS: As far as after-parties go, the House wins EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Be there, House gallery, midnight, March 12.

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