Countdown: The “Three Amigos” of the House

As our countdown continues, the 3rd to the last day of the 2015 session focuses on the “Three Amigos” of House Leadership.

First, Speaker Greg Hughes. At the end of his first session, it has been a bit of a tumultuous ride, with a number of significant bills and not insignificant differences of opinion. Speaker Hughes comes from a scrappy Philadelphia background and his “fighter” instincts have been on display this session. He has been willing to take punches for the body and they, in return, have his back. (He’s also thrown a few, too.)

Countdown: The “Three Amigos” of the HouseNext, Majority Leader Jim Dunnigan. Representative Dunnigan from Taylorsville has been the lead on the healthcare issues from the House side. He is well-versed in the world of healthcare costs and has spent hundreds of hours on this issue. While maybe not as “fun” as the hair braiding discussion of a couple of years ago, there is no question that this is a much weightier matter. Dunnigan comes across as very serious all the time, but he actually has a wicked dry sense of humor.

Third, we have Majority Whip Francis Gibson. Representative Gibson is a no-nonsense Rep from Mapleton who has little tolerance for time-wasting or trying to “pull one over” on the House. He has long been an advocate for education and was a close friend to former Speaker Becky Lockhart. He also has a strong background in healthcare. Rep. Gibson isn’t shy about expressing his opinion – nor are the other “amigos.”

These three amigos, along with Assistant Majority Whip Brad Wilson, form the leadership team of the House. Unlike previous teams that may have had division in the ranks, this one seems to be cohesive and genuinely united in their policy positions and goals for the Utah House.

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