Coup or Crackdown; Race against History

“Trump is turning over rocks and the snakes are angry. He has turned on the lights and the cockroaches are scattering. The only way out for these people is to impeach the President” – Andrew Wilkow, XM Patriot Radio

“It is the most reliable standard in politics. In fact…this is the Rosetta Stone to American Politics. Whatever the left accuses you of is exactly what they are doing themselves. Every time.” – Tucker Carlson, Fox News

By David Rogers

The newest impeachment efforts against President Trump are yet another fabrication by the left. Why would Pelosi and her lapdog media risk it all, with stumbling defamations and truth-stretching allegations, to try and remove Trump with such a thin premise? The answer may be that Trump and Attorney General Barr have been assembling evidence for indictments on a number of (primarily) Democrat operatives and they know it is a matter of time before their necks are on the line. It is a showdown to see who can finish first. It is a race against history

Perhaps we should reminisce about the “good old days” of petty corruption in America. Times when the local gangster paid off the mayor and Police chief to look the other way on a bookie operation. Or a Congressman mined his district for bloated infrastructure projects funneling taxpayer dollars into his and his crony’s coffers. The Clinton-Bush-Obama years took corruption to another level. The Clintons led the way in the international “pay for play” racket.

Now it is no longer stacks of hundreds hidden in a refrigerator, it is billions in corrupt foreign deals where power players cash in. America is for sale, and the elites will crush anyone who gets in the way of a payday. From Operation Fast and Furious to the Biden Ukraine scandal to ill dealings in the Clinton Foundation, to the Uranium One debacle to the sale of American Silkworm technology or California farmland to the Chinese, America’s political elite have found distressing ways to profit.

Much of this has been painstakingly documented in books like Peter Schweitzer’s “Hidden Empires”. The information is now public. Thus Trump and the DOJ are justified in looking into a number of these allegations. If Schweitzer can find these facts, chances are DOJ investigators can also. The previous administration put influence for sale in America on a scale that could reasonably be considered treasonous. Then, to protect and conceal their corrupt interests, the upcoming IG report will likely reveal that the Obama administration weaponized federal agencies against the Trump campaign.

If Trump’s administration is serious about a crackdown on these issues, it is small wonder that the left is pulling out all of the stops to get rid of him. The “Whistleblower” led Ukraine investigation is the latest in frenzied Democrat attempts to unseat the President. And the way it is being handled, with outright lies and morose propaganda from the cooperative media, amounts to nothing less than a coup on the office of the President.

As Pelosi and her ilk want to investigate extensively with more “documents” and “witnesses”, Trump has countered by releasing the entire transcript of the Ukraine call and gathered corroborating statements from everyone on the call. There is nothing implicative in the material. What more does Pelosi want to accomplish? To run an impeachment on second-hand opinions of what others thought the transcript meant? The very premise fails to meet any constitutional test, dispenses due process, tears at the fabric of our Republic and threatens to destabilize the entire country.

There is limited support from Republicans, since the DOJ’s investigations are not strictly partisan. Trump and Barr are “no respecter of persons” when it comes to such corruption. So the left (and a few compromised Republicans), knowing the media will support and propagate whatever narrative they forward on these issues, accuse Trump of precisely what many of them have done.

It is interesting that Schweitzer points out in his book that the Trump family would be vulnerable to the same corruption, but that Trump has refused full divestiture of his businesses as President and therefore is required to make full disclosure. Thus he regularly files detailed documents of his interests that make tax returns pale in comparison.

Whoever wins at this game may very well write the next chapter in American history. Trump has promised to drain the swamp and the alligators are now fighting back with a vengeance. The problem is that if Trump emerges victorious, it could tear at least half the country apart, as many Democrats will view this as a partisan action. If Pelosi triumphs, it might tear the entire country apart. This is a very hazardous game indeed. It warns us that to cleanse Washington of corruption threatens problematic systemic disruption. These are historic and unpleasant issues, indicating tough times ahead.

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