COVID Conniving and Cover-ups

By David Rogers

The intrigue surrounding the COVID situation drones on in America and across the world. Wisdom dictates that if one chooses to intentionally employ a bazooka to kill a fly, the most pertinent question becomes “what is next to the fly”? If anything about our present situation is self-evident, it is the fact that there are multiple agendas in play surrounding the declared pandemic. The flu is real and dangerous to certain specific demographics. Based on the numbers, however, the response has clearly been excessive for the population as a whole. The situation is about a lot more than public health, as conspiring politicos and unelected bureaucrats use the pandemic to forward numerous dystopian agendas. Let’s look at some of the targets lurking near the metaphoric fly:

  • Population control by bureaucratic fiat is perhaps the largest concern. Confining people to their homes and threatening arrest just to provide for basic household needs is difficult as it is. Calls for contact tracing, separating families, quarantine camps, and other draconian measures are far worse and signatures of establishing a technocratic state. Add proposed mandatory vaccines, suggestions of injected nano-tracking (seriously Mr. Gates?) and social credit systems based on compliance and you have a real nightmare brewing.
  • Fear-mongering by the media is out of control. Stay home, stay safe. Wear a mask or someone might die. The messaging is incessant and many people buy the fear. When a woman was cursed out of a Staten Island grocery for not wearing a mask, you know it is bad. The labeling of anyone not accepting the “official” story as insensitive, uncaring, or dangerous is toxic to functional social society. Funny thing is, sates with no shutdown are no better or worse than those completely locked down.
  • Bureaucracy at both the state and federal level has run amok. In what amounts to a coup over the executive branch professional technocrats have leveraged their “presumptive diagnoses” on Coronavirus (that would be an educated guess) into total political and administrative control.
  • When UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently said “The benefit of the COVID virus is to de-industrialize the world and introduce green ecology”, it became clear that an international version of the green new deal is being imposed without discussion or vote. Gutteres outlined six principles that basically demand any government or private investment in recovery must include exclusively “green” agendas.
  • Leftist Democrat agendas are being concealed in spending bills. Besides the usual earmarks, Pelosi has loaded up bills with bailouts that seek to cover for states that are bankrupt. Claiming COVID as the problem (although in fairness shutdowns exacerbate the problems), relief bills provide funds to bail out pensions in Illinois, unaccounted for funds in California, New York, etc. Our federal taxpayer dollars are being redirected to rescue botched liberal state’s spending agendas that were failing long before anyone heard of the Coronavirus.
  • The widespread destruction of small businesses and benefits to large corporations is obvious. When the neighborhood grocer is forced to close while Walmart and other big-box franchises are deemed essential, well you get the picture. Just wait until this ripples through the banking system for a lovely sequel to the neighborhood coffee shop or beauty salon tanking.
  • It is obvious that the Democrats are trying to fiddle with the November election. Mail-in voting opens the door for widespread fraud and ballot harvesting. Not a concern? Just look at Broward County, Florida in the 2018 interim. What a mess. Imagine that fraud magnified on a national level.
  • As always, in the words of President Eisenhower, beware of the military-industrial complex. China is concerning on many levels, but the banging of the “get China” drums across all media, progressive or conservative, carries an ominous symphony we do not need to hear. Blame China if you will, but toeing up to the warmonger line is a bit precarious.
  • The end game seems to be the destruction of the western economy as well as the ushering in of socialism. When Pelosi suggests firing up the monetary printing presses to provide everyone including non-citizens a universal basic income, run for the hills. Add in a seven trillion deficit in one year, QE infinity for the Fed, and the dollar, which is on wobbly legs as it is, will be finished for sure.

In short, COVID is much more than a fundamental health problem. It is a military-grade psychological operation of social conditioning on an unprecedented level. Never in history have we confronted so many competing agendas tied to a “health crisis”. In total it amounts to a de facto elimination of constitutional rights and centralized economic control by bureaucratic fiat. The fact we have stood passively by as these agendas roll forth almost unchallenged is baffling. Our main concern should be what to do about the people who chose to wield a bazooka to supposedly kill a fly, then nearly blew the whole house up.

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