Craig Frank elected as new Utah County GOP Chair

Craig Frank elected as new Utah County GOP Chair
Craig Frank

Craig Frank outpaced three other candidates in a run-off election to become the new Chair of the Utah County Republican Party. The former state representative defeated outgoing UCRP secretary Kirby Glad, Cory Maloy, and Wendi Baggaley.

Here were my observations attending the 2015 Utah County Republican party convention.

The most controversial part of the convention apparently happened during the central committee meeting.

As an attendee, I was grateful for the lack of explosive arguments over the agenda during the main meeting. As a writer, I was a little disappointed. Just a little.

The outgoing party officers (Casey Voeks, Adrielle Herring Bowler, Kirby Glad) made their way for the new. Rob Craig is staying on as Treasurer, so this was for Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary, and then the elections for the Senate Central Committee members.

In the opening meeting, Gov. Herbert spoke about Utah demonstrates leadership to the rest of the nation. Auditor John Dougall had a few words as well, but most of the big names weren’t able to attend due to the funeral of former Utah governor Norm Bangeter.

Each candidate had a five-minute introduction. Kirby Glad, Cory Maloy, Wendi Baggaley, Craig Frank for Chair; Ben Summerhalder, Scott Ward, Kevin Braddy, Sean Nielson for Vice Chair; Becky Pirente and Kristin Chevrier for Secretary. Kevin Braddy won the Vice-Chair position in round 2. Kristin Chevrier won for Secretary.

After the votes, we heard from the three Utah County Commissioners. Greg Graves received a mixed response, Bill Lee received a rock-star greeting, and Larry Ellerton’s response was more subdued.

Voeks’ final speech as Chair was a good one, and he’s focussing more on his business now, but if he wants to come back into politics, I’m tellin’ ya, the kid has a future.

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