Crisis of Confidence

By David Rogers

The last few weeks have exposed a major problem in the current political fabric in America. The Lewandowski hearings, the exchange with the President of Ukraine that is being used for more phony impeachment talk, along with other hysterical leftist carryings-on, has emphasized a growing lack of confidence in our national leadership. Little good can come from this accelerating phenomenon.

Just a week ago Corey Lewandowski mocked a congressional inquiry panel about his involvement in the alleged Russian scandal. His responses were nearly as sophomoric at times as the punitive Congressional questions. As congressman after congressman essentially declared him guilty as charged, asked loaded questions bordering on the absurd, with no evidence justifying such prerogatives, Lewandowski just smirked and formulated comedic answers. Score: Smart Mouth 1, Congress 0.

A week later a suspicious “whistleblower” claims President Trump was very inappropriate speaking to the new Ukrainian President with regard to Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi buckles and announces the instruction for all six congressional committees to begin an impeachment inquiry. Just a day later Trump releases the entire transcript of the conversation and… Nothing Burger Chapter Two.

None of the obvious absurdities in all of these proceedings seem to sway the media. The incessant pounding, grating, vindictive witch hunt for Trump’s head on a pike over the airwaves and in the halls of power has worn thin on the American public. With Democrat leaders boldly declaring and activist media parroting every imagined evil, day in and day out, the closet conservatives and professed moderates have to be beyond fed up.

The damage to the country caused by one party prostituting themselves on the altar of black-book subterfuge at any cost to unseat the leader of their opposition is worth consideration. And while this ongoing soft coup against a sitting president goes through one iteration after another, so-called conservative leaders sit on their hands, offering little resistance. If such tomfooleries continue, they have terrible implications for the future of our political process.

There are many who would read this analysis and claim “Aha, you see Trump really is the problem”. I contend that is faulty thinking. Trump is a consequence of a much deeper problem. That problem encompasses our elected representatives having long departed the arena of any actual representation of their constituency. Trump, for better or worse, has caused Pelosi, Nadler, Ocasio-Cortez, Schiff and their ilk to grossly overplay their hand. He has forced them to demonstrate they are in it purely for the power and control, not for any need of their constituency or the benefit of the country. Trump understands the deficiency and continually appeals to the rudimentary “common man”.

And so even the casual observer has to scratch their head and wonder what in the Sam Hill is happening in Washington. With frequent dips into single digit approval ratings, confidence in our Congressional representatives is on life support. Perhaps the most frequent question heard at water coolers across the nation is “How do these clowns keep getting re-elected”? And with the disparaging displays of behavior that we are seeing with alarming consistency, it is a fair question. The feeling of political abandonment is real for many.

For all of his idiosyncrasies, President Trump has pulled off the great reveal. He himself was a reaction to discomfort over the increasingly Progressive policies throughout the Obama years. And now that he is obviating some of the failures of those policies and turning a large segment of the electorate away from such Progressive ideology, he has exposed the hold-power-at-any-cost mindset of those very Progressives who see their influence threatened.

When all sense of fact or truth is obfuscated or prevaricated away in a whirlwind of vindictive partisanship, trust is diminished. With ever opening eyes the American voters gaze at Washingtonian leadership and shrug. As their elected representatives sow confusion and discord for their own benefit, voter’s individual concerns seem so far down on the list of attention and activities of their elected leaders that they wonder who might ever speak for them. And with such considerations occupying their minds, the very cornerstones of our Republic are eroded. We must wonder if true leaders of principle and character might ever rise to restore that waning confidence.

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