Death of the Democratic Party

“However [Political Parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, unprincipled and ambitious men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people” – George Washington, 1796.

By David Rogers

If the Coronavirus crisis has revealed anything, it has revealed that certain Parties and players will drop any pretense of constitutional allegiance when the opportunity arises.  Both Parties have elected people in positions of power locally and nationally that have essentially thrown the Constitution to the curb and governed with new and miraculous powers in the “interest of public safety. There are corrupt Republicans, but the particularly egregious violations seem to be common in Democratic jurisdictions. This points to an inevitable outcome, the death of the Democrat Party.

All institutions tend to run their course over time. The institution transitions from its original core mission to prioritizing the needs of the entity. It is obvious that the two-party system is failing. Neither party seems to be valiant in defending the interests of their constituents, but in this aspect Democrats are superlative. What only seemed to be a swing into extreme leftism is no longer academic. In the wake of coronavirus protocols, we see the Democratic Party’s true colors. Constituent concerns are at the bottom of a long list populated by unconstitutional authoritarianism…for the sake of power.

You can bash Republicans if you choose, but no conservative governor opened snitch lines for citizens as Governor Newsom did in California. Public assembly (a cornerstone of the Constitution) is outlawed and enforced by excessive police action in nearly every blue state. In places like Utah, it is recommended (implying choice, a far cry from mandated). Blue state mayors deem liquor stores, abortion clinics, and smoke shops as essential businesses while gun stores, family-owned pharmacies, and corner grocers are not. And everyone wonders why big box stores remain open while other small businesses are forced to close.

If you examine the obvious, people like Dr. Fauci and others in government positions have an allegiance to a permanent and encroaching bureaucracy versus individual rights. Fauci is a staunch Democrat and Hillary supporter. He seems almost oblivious to the economic costs of his (increasingly unscientific) recommendations. And that is the core of the dispute, abrogating natural rights for the “safety of the collective”. It is borderline communism in its perpetration.

People of all stripes are weary of the lying, exaggerative media, which is arguably the propagandist arm of the Democratic Party. The journalistic bias is in overdrive, and the solicitation of fear for the masses is ubiquitous. You will not hear a single conservative voice in the media suggesting we need at least eighteen months to reopen the country. The premise is absurd on its face. There will be no country if we remain restricted for that long. And perhaps that is the primary agenda of the media and the Democrats. Trading prosperity for power. It is Pelosi-led Democrats who are taking advantage of the crisis to delegitimize Trump and advance their otherwise unsustainable agendas.

The compromised, convoluted “reopening criteria” necessary to placate Democratic strongholds have the country on the verge of civil disobedience. There are recall petitions going around in Michigan, Arizona, and elsewhere to dispose of overreaching governors. No one in Utah will be hauled off by police for trying to maintain their business or play in the park, as they are in Wisconsin, Michigan, or New Jersey.

No conservative would legislate drones to patrol neighborhoods and spy on individual citizens walking or congregating, or write $500 summonses for churchgoers trying to listen to a sermon in their cars. The opportunity to create a deeper dependency state for absolute control is just too irresistible for leftist Democrats. It is purely a power in lieu of principle play for them, and everyone suffers. But it will backfire.

As election season rolls around, Democrats have canceled their summer convention and will likely attempt to slip a party candidate in as Biden is eventually deemed “mentally unfit”. If we do see a brokered, back door convention and the insertion of Cuomo, Clinton, Michelle Obama, or some other sudden “savior of the party,” you will see unrest even among the ranks of the previous faithful. Longstanding Democrats will finally realize they have no voice at all in the party’s machinations.

When the people do awaken and discover that they have only an illusion of representation, heaven help the Democrats that seek to maintain that illusion! It will mirror Admiral Yamamoto’s “awaken a sleeping giant” observation immediately after Pearl Harbor. As people realize their rights and opportunities are being hijacked by conniving politicos and bureaucrats, we will see unprecedented political tumult. And, with Republicans sitting ineffectively on the sideline, as usual, it could trigger cataclysmic upheaval heretofore unheard of in American politics.

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