Debunking the Obama Administration’s myth-making

“The President prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal and he hasn’t done something to embarrass himself.  That’s because that’s who he is – and I think that’s what really resonates with the American people.” – Valerie Jarrett, Senior White House Adviser to the President.

By David Rogers

Eight years of an Obama Presidency draw to a close. History was made in the election of Obama in 2008 as the first person of African-American descent to ascend to the White House. History, in retrospect, may also have been made by placing the most inexperienced, left-leaning radical into the White House ever. And now White House insiders, echoed by the President himself, celebrate a “scandal free” administration as his tenure is set to fade into history. Perhaps this may be the bellwether of the entire Obama presidency…peddling fantasy as reality.

That President Obama was a great communicator, a great campaigner and inspiration to a certain mindset in America should not be disputed. What he actually accomplished is another story. If the Trump election can be explained by anything other than Hillary Clinton’s unsavory character, it may be attributed to the extreme left fantasy that was spoon fed to America as a positive reality. And after the results of eight years of backsliding in almost every area, many Americans obviously have a bad taste in their mouth. Let’s examine the Top Four Obama fantasies in light of the realities that many of us might be experiencing:

Obama’s tenure is scandal free

Let’s examine Jarrett’s comments more closely. While there were certainly no touchy-feely shenanigans, such as plagued the Clinton Presidency, there were certainly scandalous doings aplenty. From Fast and Furious to Solyndra and Benghazi, from the Clinton server to the IRS targeting of conservative groups, not to mention unconstitutional executive orders, the list of actions that a great number of Americans would consider not just scandalous but impeachable and treasonous is substantial. But if you are left wing ideologue, these doings are perfectly appropriate and within the purview of a dedicated Social Justice Warrior. The problem is, obfuscating truth for your ideals still qualifies as scandalous. Breitbart news presents a tidy list of a few of Obama’s missteps here:

Obama’s signature Legislation, The Affordable Care Act, has benefited America

As entrenched Democrats seek to check President-Elect Trump and Congress by resorting to slogans such as “Make America Sick Again,” economists and business leaders across the country are yearning to trash the entire mess known as Obamacare and get to some real health care reform. It is clear that Obamacare was designed to fail, with the intent to eventually replace it with a single-payer system. What it has actually achieved, soaring deductibles and premiums, reducing new jobs to part time only, and hefty fines for non-participation has become nothing more than the pathetic back door attempt at wealth redistribution that it is. So pre-existing conditions were eliminated? In a conciliatory nod to reality, great. Keep that provision in new plans. Get rid of everything else.

The economy is doing well thanks to Obama

“America’s pretty darn great right now,” Obama told reporters earlier this year, “That proves Republicans’ doomsday rhetoric is little more than fantasy.” While the stock market received a nice “Trump bump” after the election, the fact is that very few of the main indicators add up to renewed prosperity. As an entire generation of college graduates look for hard-to-find jobs from the sofa of their parent’s basement, the real state of the economy is looking pretty rough. Faking unemployment numbers by excluding individuals that have given up and are permanently out of the workforce does not help much. Borrowing ten trillion dollars and throwing it at the economy and calling it growth does not a sound recovery make either. When the bill comes due for all of the money printing, debt accumulation, and solid-paying job loss (versus low-paying, part-time job creation that accounts for a significant number of “recovery” jobs), we will finally see how the real economy is doing. Of course, just like Bush was blamed for a lot of the economic pain before, Obama will now have Trump to blame when the bottom does finally fall out.

America is a safer country now than when Obama took office

“The President does believe it is important that his successor is somebody who recognizes that our country is safer than it was eight years ago, that we enhanced our standing around the world, that we’ve strengthened our alliances — that we have refined and improved and strengthened our homeland security” parroted White House Spokesman Josh Earnest this past summer. Meanwhile, ISIS rolls across the Middle East and Africa, Syria is burning, Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered across the world, Israel is being pushed to the brink of war, China is building islands in the South China Sea and claiming sovereign territory, Iran is progressing toward nukes and Russia is mocking Obama openly. At home liberal crazies, many funded by Soros dollars and fueled by Obama’s identity politics rhetoric, march the streets everywhere assaulting individuals and destroying property just for mentioning Trump. Meanwhile, untold thousands of undocumented refugees pour across our border straining resources and blighting communities into which they are settled. Sounds wonderful, as if we could use more measures of such “safety.”

If there is one truly positive takeaway from the Obama presidency, it is this: Jimmy Carter can now rest peacefully knowing he will not go down as the most ineffectual President in American history. Eight years ago Obama promised “hope and change”. We got change alright. And that change has degraded America in almost every identifiable way. Doctor D’Nesh D’souza’s postulation from his movie “2016” has been validated over time: Obama is best explained as a neo-Colonialist who sees the necessity for reducing America’s wealth and power in the world. He will use America’s sovereign debt as the primary wealth redistribution tool to enforce his world view. Among all of the fantasies foisted upon us by the outgoing administration, this poignant insight may encompass the greatest of realities. Real and beneficial change cannot come soon enough.

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