Delegate Diary: Sanders not feeling the Bern

by Bob Aagard
by Bob Aagard

Monday afternoon, Senator Bernie Sanders held a midday rally for his delegates. The theme of the rally could best be described as that the Bernie revolution is not about winning a Presidential election, it’s about building towards progressive victories in all races.

Unfortunately, that message is being overlooked by one moment in particular. When Senator Sanders told those of us in attendance that the most important thing for his delegates to do in November is to vote for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. That was met by thunderous boos and yelling from about half the delegates in the room. After he quieted the boos, he launched into a diatribe about Donald Trump, and how bad his policies would be for the progressive movement.

Did he convince anyone? Probably not many. But, he gave many of his supporters (like myself) a chance to convert our fellow Berners to voting for Hillary in November.

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