Demise of Democrats, Inauguration of Independents

“There will be two great political parties in this country. One will be called the Republican, and the other the Democrat party. These two parties will go to war and out of these two parties will spring another party which will be the Independent American Party.” – Joseph Smith Jr., June 18, 1844.

By David Rogers

It is not typical to begin a political commentary with an obscure prophetic reference. Except, in this case, the groundwork for the fulfillment of said reference is now being laid. The current state of the Democrat Party in America makes it ripe for its inevitable demise. In the vacuum of the party’s implosion, it is quite feasible that a resurgent rise of Independents could fill that void.

It is now clear that Democrat Party leadership has been completely hijacked by radical leftists and they are pushing their agenda forward without any due consideration for the bulk of their constituency. Instead of your father’s old Kennedy Democrats guiding the party, we now have the Green New Deal Harris/Ocasio Cortez/Sanders/Pelosi contingents driving all decisions and policy. And that policy is dangerous and deadly, no matter how appealing the rhetoric.

The Democrats are running a pending Alzheimer’s patient for President. In an apparent second coming of Tug Benson, Joe Biden is showing alarming mental deterioration. The selection of Kamala Harris as Vice President completely circumvents the primary process. Harris barely garnered seven percent of the primary vote and shut her campaign down early as she gained no traction among Democrat voters. She is a hard left radical dressed in a moderate business suit. Now she is ushered into a chief position via the ultimate bait and switch Party tactic. Should this ticket be elected, Biden will resign or be forced out under Article 25 within six months and Harris will be sworn in. Thus she is the de facto President on the ticket, and not by any voice of the people.

But it is the platform the Democrats through Harris and Biden are pushing that will sour the American people most. In a deceptive bid for total political control, Democrat leadership has embraced a policy that will ultimately devastate the country if implemented. This platform will also alienate the largest part of the Democrat base once the consequences of such policy are felt.

Elimination of all fossil fuels and other Green New Deal provisions will shatter what is left of the economy and put the average American on bicycles. Americans still like their cars. It is exclusively Democrat leaders that are strangling local commerce under draconian COVID rules that violate every constitutional right on the books. People still like to earn a living, socialize, go to school, and travel freely.

Harris and others are promoting total government control over industry, the elimination of private property, federal control over local zoning and housing, gun confiscation, and numerous other policies that are essentially Marxist at their core. Open borders policies and total amnesty policies will destroy any vestige of national sovereignty or processes of naturalization and citizenship. We generally still like to have a say over our own homes and local communities

Perhaps the most egregious positions involve tolerating supposed “peaceful protestors” while blue cities are beset with violence and burn. As Democrat Mayors and Governors defund police while simultaneously disarming the citizenry, residents of affected areas are not fooled, being subject to the dangers on a daily basis. Thus we already see a mass exodus from blue cities by those who can afford to escape.

This should be a massive wake-up call for traditional Democrats. Sadly, such political overreach will not likely be countered until the public begins to feel deeper consequences. Every failing area in the country currently labors under long-standing Democratic leadership. Their constituents are finally starting to connect the dots.

And when the consequences of these failed policies are felt in their entirety, possibly even leading to economic pandemonium and national conflict, the Democrat Party will have sealed their fate. Unfortunately, Republicans are comparatively disengaged as they watch all of this perfidy unfold. While Republicans will not bear the brunt of the blame for the coming disruptions, though the Democrat sympathetic press inaccurately condemns Trump and Republicans for every possible problem, they are not actively engaged in necessary solutions, in this sense failing their constituency also.

This will open the door for the rise of a truly conservative, truly constitutional and representative party to take center stage in our national debate. Thus the Independents, or some group with similar aspirations, will have a historical opportunity to step forward. The current parties are inarguably at war with one another, the Constitution, and with the will of the American people. It would not take a prophet to predict what might come next.


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