Democrat Wants Politics Out of State Policy [UPH Wire]

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For Immediate Release: February 10, 2016


Contact:                        Elizabeth Converse, Communications Director

Utah House Democratic Caucus

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Democrat Wants Politics Out of State Policy


Salt Lake City – House Democratic Whip Rebecca Chavez-Houck issued the following statement on House Bill 220 – Legislative Organization Amendments. The committees in question, Legislative Management and the Audit Subcommittee, are responsible for calling for audits of departments throughout state government, as well as managing the ins and outs of legislative sessions, interim meetings, and appointments for nonpartisan offices.


“This is a bill in search of a problem. These committees were created 40 years ago at a time when Democrats held the legislative majority, and have continued through the decades with the biggest goal remaining bipartisan oversight of our work. There have been no problems historically or recently with the makeup of these committees. The responsibilities of these groups need to be above partisan politics – above the gridlock we see in Washington. A change like this impacts the ability of future legislators to effectively govern the state, regardless of political party.  We owe it to the people of Utah to protect processes within the institution that have existed before any of us, and will continue long after we are gone.”


HB 220 passed out of House Government Operations Committee and will now be sent to the full House floor.



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