Did Utah Legislative Dems Miss A Chance on Healthy Utah?

The Utah House will take up Healthy Utah, sending both it and an alternative House plan (“Utah Cares,” or HB 446) to the House Business and Labor Committee.

It’s not fertile ground for Healthy Utah to take root in the House. A more welcoming reception would have been the Health and Human Services Committee.

Did House Democrats miss an opportunity?

When Rules addressed what committee should take the bills (SB 164 and HB 446), neither Democratic Representatives Susan Duckworth nor Brad King made a motion to send the bills to Health and Human Services, where it might have found a more friendly vote and a more sure passage to the House floor, instead. Business and Labor is the committee that typically takes up Medicaid related bills, but it’s not a group that has historically been friendly to Healthy Utah.

At least House Democrats, who have been pushing for full Medicaid expansion beyond even Healthy Utah, could have put up an obligatory effort to move Healthy Utah to a more favorable location in the House.

Healthy Utah will get its day in the House, but it could be a short day. More, it could see Rep. Jim Dunnigan’s Utah Cares replacing it as the leading House proposal to serve Utah’s uninsured.

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