Donald Trump wins another victory for Democrats

It was all intended to distract; and the Republicans said “what?”

by Kelly Jester
by Kelly Jester

This week Donald Trump burst out with new controversial comments targeting Senator John McCain’s heroism during the Vietnam War by implying that those captured are not exactly heroic. Regardless of Trump’s opinion on what actually constitutes heroism, his ability to distract the masses from serious problems for Democrats was extremely effective.

First, five United States military soldiers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, were mowed down this week by an alleged lone wolf terrorist bent on taking life. From an Administration that has struggled with defining exactly with whom we are at war, the attacks only aided an already tense political climate where many Americans already feel vulnerable. Before the bodies of the soldiers who lost their life this week could be placed in their final resting place, Trump had already stirred news headlines with a message that John McCain had somehow failed as a military officer during the Vietnam War due to his capture.

The real question we should be asking Trump isn’t what he thinks about McCain, but if he thinks those who lost the ultimate battle and sacrificed their life, such as the five soldiers in Chattanooga, are real American heroes.

Additionally, Trump successfully let many Americans concerned about the United States agreement with Iran nuclear weapons escape the headlines. According to a Fox News poll, most Americans do not feel that Iran can be trusted on the issue of nukes. Trump’s gaffe on McCain took American news viewers away from the Iran agreement at rapid speed.

One thing we can certainly say about Trump: he may not have the skills to run the country, but he can certainly grab some television ratings.

Last, but certainly not least, last week Republicans were dealt a social issue of dreams with the revelation from Planned Parenthood’s Deborah Nucatola, captured on undercover video discussing the reality of abortion and the possibility of the sale of fetal remains. Just as quickly as the controversy arose, Trump injected a completely useless remark into conversation that was sure to stir the flames of war among factions in the Republican Party.  Not to mention, the comments served as a perfect cushion to the blow when the White House announced that there would be no reconsideration of funding to Planned Parenthood in wake of the controversy. While there is no doubt that the issue regarding Planned Parenthood won’t entirely disappear, it is even less likely that Americans can resist a cat fight when it is sponsored by such a visible celebrity as The Donald.

Trump isn’t exactly free of controversy. He has a long history of being a loose cannon and speaking his mind. However, what better weapon for the Democrats than an opinionated commentator like him? While operating in the disguise of a qualified candidate running for the GOP nomination, Trump can say and be everything that Republicans fear and Democrats dream: a sponge who can absorb all of the controversies leaving Democrats as smooth and clean as Teflon.

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