Doug Owens Strikes Moderate Utah Pose, But Policies Don’t Add Up

The HubCap Spin | Love or Owens: Who Wins the Race for Congressional District 4?

Doug OwensTo hear 4th District democratic candidate Doug Owens tell it, he’s an aw shucks down home every day average Utahn running for Congress. But what do you find when you dig a little deeper than campaign marketing?

While his website is long on “sixth generation Utahn,” it is remarkably short on specifics, particularly from a candidate whose messaging says he’s running a substantive, solutions based campaign.

But let’s take a look under the hood and see how Owens’s actual policies square with that of the general Utah public.

  • Owens portrays himself as an average Utahn, but the reality is he’s a wealthy corporate defense lawyer who, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, gets most of his campaign money from wealthy unions, lawyers, and other elected democrats.
  • Health Care: Owens says he doesn’t like howObamacare was rammed through Congress, but doesn’t support repealing it. He doesn’t say whether or not he would have voted for it. In other words, he’s Matheson lite on this topic – don’t answer constituents asking where you stand, take no public position until after the issue has been decided. Safe, political, cynical. This is exactly whyObamacare was rammed through.Owens says he wants to keep the good of Obamacare while getting rid of the bad. Another safe, cynical statement. Obamacare is a series of sticks and carrots attempting to control individual behavior. In order to have the carrots of no pre-existing conditions you must have the sticks of harsh federal mandates. Owens cynically wants to get rid of the mandates while keeping the carrot, demonstrating he either doesn’t understand the law or will just say what you want to hear to get elected.
  • Education: Owens says he supports local control of education, but on his website writes we need to “protect our share” of federal money. Know what federal education money is? The extremely unpopular No Child Left Behind, Common Core, and other federal intrusions into Utah classrooms. The feds bait us with “our” money and then switch to federal mandates. As long as we have federal representatives determined to be blackmailed with our own money Utah will never have true local control.
  • Bipartisanship: Owens has tried to claim a bipartisan mantle, but the truth is his partisan attacks have been so strident Utah’s entire congressional delegation recently held a press conference to support Mia Love and condemn Doug’s brand of politicking.  Owens is using the same type of divisiveness that he says is ruining Congress. Classic “do as I say not as I do” politics.

On his website, Owens does offer support for some conservative policies which a majority of Utahns also support, such as lowering the corporate tax rate, reducing burdensome regulation, protecting the 2nd amendment, and immigration reform. The problem for Doug, though, is that Mia Love also supports those things. With Mia Love we get authentic Utah conservatism without the obfuscation and unresponsiveness of a representative fueled by big money democratic donors.

The choice here is a simple one: vote for Mia Love.

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