Early Afternoon Take on Last Night’s News — May 7, 2015

• Dan Liljenquist makes some excellent points about the intersection of freedom of speech and religion — basically that the two shouldn’t intersect. One nit to pick, though, Dan. You write: “While many of all faiths are disgusted, including myself, that Mormons are fair game for such public ridicule…”

I disagree. Perhaps one can be disgusted at the words used. But to be disgusted that someone is fair game? That’s being disgusted at the concept of free speech itself.

And throw away the key…

I’m starting to think we just lock everyone up until they come up with a solution for the prison relocation issue. They’ve set an Aug. 1 deadline.TopMen

• First up, KUER’s excellent RadioWest explores the issue, which also breaks the show’s string of 148 consecutive episodes about LDS women and the priesthood.

• Next up, the Dnews talks to three-time Nicest Person in the Universe, Rep. Fred Cox, who’d really, really like to keep the prison in Draper.

• On K-Talk, President Neiderhauser and Sen. Jerry Stevenson talk prison relocation.

• On Doug Wright this morning, Speaker Greg Hughes talked prison relocation. The Draper Republican is leading the charge to get the prison moved out of Draper. For some reason.

• And finally, there’s UtahPrisonReform.com, which outlines positive aspects of why the prison should be moved. Doesn’t say on the site who’s backing it, but our favorite Utah Senate chief of staff Ric Cantrell is the register of the domain. The Legislature put up a standalone site with redistricting a few years ago.


• Something something, Common Core, something something Adam and Eve, something something, Provo.

• A federal court has ruled that the NSA phone/data collection program is illegal. I suppose we can all be happy for the several days it will take the NSA to figure out another way around, or through, the Constitution.

• The Senate has posted their interim committee assignments. The House assignments are here.

And if none of that interests you…

Lionel Messi’s second goal on Wednesday absolutely destroys the best defensive back in the world, then he annihilates the best goalie in the world. No word yet on if the next of kin has been notified.

What’s that? Oh. Soccer. We’re talking about soccer.

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