Election 2014 Fearless Predictions from the Utah Politico Hub

Election 2014 Fearless Predictions from the Utah Politco HubToday is the big day.  (Well, as far as elections go, ‘big day’ may be a stretch.)  While most races wrapped up months ago, there are still a few worth watching tonight night.  So without any real research and a lot of fun speculation, we present this year’s Utah Politico Hub’s Fearless Predictions:

Dan Karen Shon Holly Curt Jesse John Stan Fearless Prediction
Congressional Races
UT-04 Doug Owens v Mia Love  Mia Love  Mia Love Doug Owens  Mia Love by 8 pts  Mia Love Mia Love  Mia Love  Mia Love  Mia Love
UT-03 Does John English Come in Second?  We can hope.  Sure, why not?  Yes  He has more traction than the D  I wish. He’ll beat Wannacott  Naturally Hard to run as a write-in  Jason Chaffetz wins
Utah Senate Races
UTSenate 4 – Jani Iwamoto v Sabrina Petersen  Jani Iwamoto  Sabrina Petersen Jani Iwamoto  Sabrina Petersen  Sabrina Petersen Sabrina Petersen  Sabrina Petersen  Jani Iwamoto Sabrina Petersen
UTSenate 11 – Michelle Weeks v Howard Stephenson  Howard Stephenson  Michelle Weeks  Michelle Weeks  Howard Stephenson  Michelle Weeks Howard Stephenson  Michelle Weeks  Howard Stephenson Toss Up (who are we kidding, Stephenson wins)
UTSenate 12 – Clare Collard v Daniel Thatcher  Daniel Thatcher  Clare Collard  Daniel Thatcher  Daniel Thatcher  Clare Collard Daniel Thatcher  Daniel Thatcher  Daniel Thatcher  Daniel Thatcher
Utah House Races
UTHouse 9 – Steve Olsen v Jeremy Peterson  Jeremy Peterson  Jeremy Peterson  Jeremy Peterson  Jeremy Peterson  Jeremy Peterson Jeremy Peterson  Jeremy Peterson  Jeremy Peterson  Jeremy Peterson
UTHouse 30 Fred Cox v Michael Lee  Fred Cox  Fred Cox  Michael Lee  Fred Cox  Michael Lee Michael Lee  Fred Cox  Michael Lee Toss Up
UTHouse 31 Sophia DiCaro v Larry Wiley  Sophia DiCaro  Sophia DiCaro  Larry Wiley  Sophia DiCaro  Sophia DiCaro Sophia DiCaro  Sophia DiCaro  Sophia DiCaro Sophia DiCaro
UTHouse 33 Craig Hall v Liz Muniz  Craig Hall  Craig Hall  Craig Hall  Craig Hall  Craig Hall Craig Hall  Craig Hall  Craig Hall  Craig Hall
UTHouse 44 Bruce Cutler v Christine Passey  Christine Passey…maybe.  Bruce Cutler  Christine Passey  Hmm. Christine Passey  Christine Passey Christine Passey  Bruce Cutler  Bruce Cutler Christine Passey
UTHouse 49 – Robert Spendlove v Zach Robinson  Robert Spendlove  Robert Spendlove  Zach Robinson  Robert Spendlove Robert Spendlove Robert Spendlove  Robert Spendlove Robert Spendlove Robert Spendlove
UTHouse 69 Brad King v Bill Labrum  Bill Labrum  Bill Labrum  Brad King  Depends on how much Brad King is tied to the national “War on Coal” but I think King. Bill Labrum Brad King  Bill Labrum  Bill Labrum  Bill Labrum
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