Election 2016 GOP Power Rankings – April 2015

The race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination has at least three official candidates, and about eight more that we know are going to run, but they’re still playing this flirting game. Here’s how the race on the GOP side looks with the BetFair crowd.

1. (1) Jeb Bush —— 3 (2-1)
2. (3) Marco Rubio — 5.1 (4-1)
3. (2) Scott Walker — 5.3 (9-2)
4. (4) Rand Paul —– 11 (10-1)
5. (7) Mike Huckabee – 13 (12-1)
6. (7) Ted Cruz ——- 20 (19-1)
7. (5) Rick Perry —– 30 (29-1)
8. (9) Ben Carson —– 32 (31-1)
9. (6) Chris Christie — 50 (49-1)
9. (10) Mike Pence — 50 (49-1)

There are other candidates listed who will not be running (Eric Cantor, Sarah Palin), but there are other political figures who are put out strong feelers of running (John Kasich, Lindsay Graham) who aren’t even listed. Donald Trump is listed at 59-1. Hey, there’s an opportunity to throw money away!

Marco Rubio’s rollout has been steady. His disadvantages are that he’s a senator, not governor, and he’s going to be competing directly with Jeb Bush for support from Florida. He also needs to draw some clearer lines between himself and his buddies Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. His tax proposal with Mike Lee is something people can point at, but all indications are that it would increase the deficit and raise taxes on the upper middle class while decreasing taxes for the top 1%.

Maybe it’s smart for Hillary Clinton to avoid press conferences and public appearances, aside from the occasional meal.

Chris Christie looks like he’s going to skip Iowa and focus on New Hampshire.

There should be too many dramatic developments in the presidential primary race until later in the summer, as interest builds toward the first televised debate between many of these candidates.

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