Election 2016 GOP Power Rankings – July 2015

We still have the first Fox News debate looming where only those who finish in the top ten in the last five national polls. I took the two most recent national polls and the latest Iowa poll and averaged them to give an idea how these candidates are doing.

1. Donald Trump – 16%
2. Scott Walker – 15%
3. Jeb Bush – 11.67%
4. Ben Carson – 6%
5. Ted Cruz – 5.67%
5. Rand Paul – 5.67%
5. Marco Rubio – 5.67%
8. Mike Huckabee – 4.67%
9. Chris Christie – 2.33%
10. Rick Santorum – 2%

Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich and Rick Perry average less than 2%. Lindsey Graham less than 1%. George Pataki doesn’t even register on any of these polls. Now Jim Gilmore is looking to enter the race, and I don’t see how he does better than Pataki. Seriously, Pataki is Thad McCotter from 2012. No one’s going to believe he was ever actually a candidate. I think Santorum’s on the thinnest ice to get in, and at this point I think Perry could be the one to jump above him.

Trump is riding this bizarre wave. His speeches and interviews are the least filtered, so to many he has an “authentic” appeal, but he keeps spouting nonsense. His latest gaffe of saying John McCain is not a war hero because he got captured might be the beginning of the end for him. We’ll see. I really wish the GOP debate was tomorrow, not August. And I disagree that other candidates should refuse to share the stage with him in a debate. Get up there and take him down. If you can’t, maybe you shouldn’t be president. Isn’t there some unserious eccentric billionaire who says dumb things on a regular basis that can join the Democratic race to balance things out?

The candidate who seems to have lost the most momentum is Marco Rubio. He used to be the third-favorite behind Bush and Walker, but now he’s sliding into the middle of the pack, a dangerous place to be when it comes to fund-raising.

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