Election Day Voter Registration to Increase Utah Voter Turnout [UPH Wire]

*Media Statement*

*For Immediate Release: November 3, 2014*

*Contact:* Elizabeth Roberts, Media Coordinator
Utah House Democratic Caucus
801-835-7087 | lizabeth.verse@gmail.com

*Election Day Voter Registration to Increase Utah Voter Turnout*

*Salt Lake City*- Election Day Voter Registration in five Utah counties is designed to increase voter participation in Utah, one of the worst states in the nation for voter participation. Potential voters who show up on Election Day can now cast a provisional ballot that, once validated, will be counted towards this year’s elections.

Democratic Assistant Whip Representative Chavez Houck, the law’s sponsor, said “I am so pleased that voters in the five pilot counties are now protected when they find they are not on the voter rolls, even when they believe they have completed and submitted a registration form. In this past summer’s primary elections, voters over the age of 70 were the second highest number of new Election Day registrants in Salt Lake County. We know we are doing something right when we see so many different Utahns taking advantage of their right to vote.”

New voters in Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Kane, and Sanpete counties can now provide primary identification at their polling location to cast a provisional ballot. Their vote will be counted in the final vote canvass, after their eligibility has been determined.


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