Environmental movement’s strong hold on Utah and the West: “It all ends now”

by Monte Wells
by Monte Wells

I’m sure many people don’t quite realize what this election has done to the environmental movement in Utah and throughout the United States. Prior to the election, the movement has had a free reign of terror and a choking strong holding on the western states as well as the rest of the United States.

But on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the bullies were stopped. Tuesday will go down in history as the day they were handed their hat and asked to leave the party. Their control and power ended with the election of President Donald Trump.

As the shock wears off they will start to realize that this is true. They have no control in Washington, D.C. anymore. When Trump won the election and the Republicans stayed in control of Congress, the environmental movement became a ship without a port.

This has changed everything for the Bears Ears National Monument proposal. Obama can still designate it before he leaves office, but President Trump and Congress will overturn it. Along with that, if the environmental movement keeps pushing for this to happen Congress and the President will take steps to make sure it is the last national monument ever designated in the United States. They could do this by doing away with the executive order power to create one along with repealing the Antiquities Act altogether. No, the movement’s best move is to fold their current hand of useless cards and wait for a better deal because if they keep playing this hand they will probably lose everything.

With the environmental players dropping out, this leaves the tribal coalition holding a bad hand, as well. Any way you look at it, they will never be in control of public lands, so they need to rethink their hand. They too should fold and return to the table and honestly work with the county, state, and congressional leaders to find a solution because everything is new now. Even the Public Lands Initiative is dead!

This election has destroyed the PLI as we know it. Now that there isn’t a gun held to our politicians’ heads they can write some good legislation that returns the land to the states. They can finally have the ability to listen to what the people want not the environmental movement.

This also gives Congress a chance to prevent the tyranny we have been under during the last eight years, with ranchers, commissioners, and bloggers imprisoned, from ever happening again. I am sure that President Trump will support Congress in this effort. Also, if the rumors are true, Sarah Palin will be chosen to be the new Department of Interior Director . We know she will clean house.

The 2016 election will bring some great changes and will go down in history. It will be remembered as the time when the people told the environmental movement that enough is enough. There is a saying in the movie Wyatt Earp that sums everything up rather well: “It all ends now.”


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