Evaluating the candidates for President (Part 6): Ted Cruz

Evaluating the candidates for President (Part 6): Ted Cruz
by David Miller

Ted Cruz isn’t running for office; he’s applying for a new job. At least, that’s the sense I get from his campaign. Rather than spending his time talking about what he will do, his message is “here are my values – the things that drive my decision making process – and here are the actions I have taken based on those values.” The message to voters is, “if you like the values I believe in and the way I’ve defended them please give me the opportunity to do so as President.”

I like that approach to campaigning – rather than the “let me discern what you want and then promise to be the candidate of your dreams” approach.

Cruz’s values centered approach and his open “judge me based on my past actions” attitude make him a candidate deserving of consideration. I endorse Ted Cruz for president.

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