Explore Your Public Lands [Video]

The BLM posted the following video on YouTube on January 20, 2015.

What is the BLM trying to do? Convince folks that they want the public to explore the so called public lands? It almost seems like the BLM wants to be a recreation company.  Here is the side of the BLM that this PR video is trying to get folks to ignore.

(Photo: Leah Hogsten, The Salt Lake Tribune via AP)

The BLM is responsible for closing miles and miles of county public roads.  The BLM has been caught closing county roads illegally in places like Indian Creek Utah that has been designated a BLM Recreation Area.

Special Agent Dan Love

BLM Special Agent Dan Love lead 140 plus agent in to Blanding Monticello in the early morning hours to raid the homes of citizens that he claimed had violated the Antiquities Act in 2009.  The raid caused  the death of three citizens and resulted in nothing more than small fines and no jail time for those dragged from their homes shackled and cuffed ..

Dr Redd’s Funeral

Dr, Redd was one of the individuals that lost his life because of Agent Love’s actions.  Dr Redd and his wife were arrested over a small bead worth $75 dollars according to antiquities dealers.  Yet Agent Love set the value at $1000.00 which allowed Dr. Redd to be charged with a felony.


Agent Dan Love was in charge at the Bundy Ranch as well
Agent Dan Love was in charge at the Bundy Ranch as well


The BLM has littered the landscape with carbonate signs and travel restriction signs!





Five signs at one intersection which looks really nice.


Permit for what?  The county takes care of the roads and the trails aren’t maintained except by volunteers so what are you paying for?

This Anasazi structure was ran over by BLM contractors while clearing an old growth cedar area on Dark Canyon Plateau in 2013

Does all this really translate into come “Explore Your Public Lands?”

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