Facebook follies

By David Rogers

Last week, with all of the decorum of the Ziegfeld Follies, Mark Zuckerberg appeared in front of a congressional panel to answer questions about privacy issues. This originated with complaints that Facebook has allowed marketing companies to data mine from their site, which they consider a violation of privacy issue. Just shows that no one ever reads the whole user agreement.

Throughout this political theater, only a few members of Congress actually touched on the real issue…censorship. In the last several months we are experiencing a wave of censorship on social media sites. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are the worst offenders. And what is being censored? All forms of conservative thought.

Silicon Valley is extremely liberal. The area is comprised of an increasingly homogenous mindset. And that mindset does NOT like Donald Trump, nor far right leaning conservatives that have any sort of “Make America Great” values. Since the Trump train has not been derailed by previous shabby attempts Liberal Corporate America has taken it upon themselves to save America from their multi-billion dollar ivory towers.

The problem is, a growing number of Americans actually get their news and information from social media versus mainstream news. The emerging pattern of censorship smacks of thought control at its worst. Conservative news, alternative viewpoints and editorial opinion are being banned, de-monetized and otherwise obliterated across the entire social media spectrum.

Info Wars, The Haggman Report, Health Ranger and other such sites are being threatened or suspended over “community violations”. Dave Hodges’ “The Common Sense Show” has almost every video de-monetized, to the point he has had to institute a Patreon account to survive. I followed a wonderful YouTube sight entitled LDS Watchmen that linked current events to scripture and LDS teachings. One day, it was just gone.

Only Senator Ted Cruz seemed to really confront Zuckerberg on this issue. He and Zuckerberg had the following exchange:

Senator Cruz: “Mr. Zuckerberg, does Facebook consider itself a neutral public forum”?

Zuckerberg: “Senator, we consider ourselves to be a platform for all ideas”.

Senator Cruz: “There are a great many Americans who are deeply concerned that Facebook and other tech companies engage in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship. There have been many instances with Facebook…routinely suppressing conservative stories from trending news, including stories about CPAC, including stories about Mitt Romney, including stories about the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, including stories about Glen Beck. In addition to that, Facebook has initially shut down the Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day page, has blocked the posts of a Fox News reporter, has blocked over two dozen Catholic pages and most recently blocked Trump supporters Diamond and Silk’s page with 1.2 million followers after determining that their content and brand were “unsafe to the community.”

Zuckerberg: [Blank Look]

Zuckerberg’s lack of forthcoming to such inquiry is appalling. Just days later Zuckerberg discussed the development of software and algorithms that would “edit out conservative content” in a business meeting. Hillary Clinton jumped in and called for a ban on all alternative media (a subject she harped on in her campaign) stating “We are in an all-out war against fact and reason”.

For once I agree with Clinton. We are in an all-out war against fact and reason. Only, that war is not being perpetrated by alternative media. It is being done by the mainstream media. Alternative media has its kooks to be sure, but there is plenty of good information to be culled if one knows where to look with discernment.

In fact, it can be argued that alternative media is the last bastion of any “free press”. Mainstream media is corporate owned and corrupt. Five minutes on CNN, MSNBC tells the tale. In the final analysis, if all other strategies fail, get the purveyors of social media to march to promote leftism as the line of last defense. And this line of defense is needed for what? How about an interim election coming up in just six months. All things conservative and pro-Trump are in the crosshairs. They must divert the dialog away from the success of the Trump led conservative uprising. Zuckerberg may just get the last laugh.

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