Final Countdown: One Theme to Rule Them All

The 2015 session is close to adjourning sine die. As we come the end, there is one word I have heard more than any other to describe this year.


Some bills passed that are uber-conservative (opt-in sex ed, anyone) and some that are a lot more middle of the road (primary seat belt law?!).

There’s no Becky Lockhart.

There’s no Jen Seelig.

The legislature did some incredibly heavy lifting on some bills addressing health care, criminal justice, non-discrimination and religious liberty.

The health care heavy lifting still did not result in a new law but got pushed to the interim.

There were other bills that could have used heavy lifting but didn’t get much.

The legislature raised taxes. More than once.

Legislators have barked like dogs and moo’ed like cows.

At 9:30 at night, the House reading calendar is almost completely empty. What’s up with that?!

The legislature didn’t want additional licensure for some professions, but refused to look at new businesses and new business models. Prime example: Tesla.

And marijuana in Utah?! Whoda thunk?

What do YOU think was the overriding theme of the session?

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