Fire and Fury…and falsehoods

“I have been saying consistently for well over a year now Steve Bannon is not a powerful figure. Steve Bannon doesn’t know anything. Steve Bannon is a leech on the ass of power who rode Michelle Bachmann’s name, to Sarah Palin, to Andrew Breitbart who died, to Donald Trump to the Mercer family. That’s all that happened here, but the media will jump on this. So ignore the media”. – Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire, Jan. 4, 2018.

By David Rogers

Michael Wolff’s new book “Fire and Fury” will undoubtedly dominate the news cycle for weeks to come. A pseudo-journalistic hit piece, the book is filled with hyperbole, exaggeration, and falsehoods. Even in the introduction Wolff hems and haws about his sources and interviews claiming in many instances he tried to interpret the meaning of the sources as best he could. In other words, he editorialized. In other words, he made stuff up. None of this will matter since there is another agenda of which this book is another salvo over the bow of the Trump Administration. The book is one more shout in the ongoing fictitious dialogue of Trump incompetency.

Let’s rewind a bit and look at the strategies that leftists have utilized to try and derail Donald Trump since he won the Republican nomination in 2016. First, there were the string of women that were allegedly “abused” by Trump. There are now reports that many of these women were offered up to $750,000 by über left lawyer Lisa Bloom to “testify”. That effort went nowhere and as soon as Trump had won the election the so-called victims were never heard from again.

Next the Jill Stein recount was ordered in key swing states. As the privately funded effort began, it too went cold as vote counters were finding extensive overstatement of Clinton votes in many precincts, not Trump votes.

Then came the (still ongoing) Russian collusion investigation that to date has cost tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and come up with precisely nothing linking Trump to Russia in any relevant manner. And it seems that trail has hit a dead end as the old Clinton loyalists leading the investigation has come up with no evidence of anything they were empaneled to find, and even MSNBC anchors have been caught off air calling the whole thing a “Nothing Burger”.

But the foundation for the next attempt at a Trump coup has been laid in the media for some time. And “Fire and Fury” is a significant step in this next strategy to dispatch a duly elected President. A serious Article 25 impeachment attempt is certainly in the offing. The Democrats are wagering that they can either win enough seats in the interim 2018 election or sway enough Trump hating Republicans to come to their side by influencing public opinion to make impeachment a possibility in the near future. Since Trump has seemingly done nothing illegal, they will attempt to hang their hats on the “unable to competently fulfill his duties in office” argument.

With the media picking up the mantra, the campaign to swing public opinion and influence legislators is underway. The media is parroting this “Trump is incompetent therefore dangerous” monologue over and over in conjunction with the book’s release. The last of the conservative journalists such as Sean Hannity excoriate the propagandized fake media regularly.  A replay of his previous monologue can be seen here. It gets particularly interesting at the 5:05 point as the proffered anti-Trump talking points are repeated almost verbatim on the various programs:

The problem is, Trump is not incompetent or over his head. In fact, many insiders are amazed at how fast Trump is picking up on the hidden agendas and intrigue that have been put in place around him from the onset of his administration by such establishment wonks as Reince Priebus. He faces an adversarial media and establishment insiders on both sides of the aisle gunning to obstruct his agenda. Democrats object openly, many special interest beholden Republicans scheme behind the scenes. Only a seriously confident and savvy personality could hold up under such withering opposition.

Many individuals mentioned in the book have already gone public in proclaiming their words or stances were misrepresented. These objectors include dignitaries such as Barack Obama and Tony Blair and many others allegedly cited in the book. It seems Steve Bannon gets a lion’s share of coverage in the book, being the one giving Wolff White House access, and it turns out that he is doing it mainly to stay relevant. According to Ben Shapiro and others who know Bannon best, the idea he was a chief campaign strategist and policy advisor in the White House is a Bannon fabrication that the media was glad to perpetuate. Shapiro, who has known Bannon and communicated with him regularly for years (including time spent as a Breitbart editor), sides completely with Trump’s scalding response to Bannon claiming Bannon has “lost his mind”. You can see Shapiro’s breakdown of the issues here:

And also here:

That the book is full of falsehoods seems clear from the outset. The reason for such a tabloid attempt at smearing Trump is even more obvious. The left and adversarial “conservatives” so called will stop at nothing to make sure Trump is derailed. They have stonewalled much of his agenda so far, but Trump is not backing down, and is actually making progress. The only next logical move for them is to get rid of the man himself. If anyone agrees that this is a good idea, know that such intrigue strikes at the very foundations of our Republic and the will of the electoral majority. For conspiratorial forces within our own government to unite in the ouster of their elected leader is to turn the United States from a world power in Democracy into a banana republic.

As long as Trump continues to make headway in Washington, expect many more salvos, also likely based on fabricated falsehoods, to be fired at the Trump presidency in the near future. One thing stands out throughout this process. If the average voter does not dig and discover the facts for themselves, they stand the risk of being influenced by this accelerating campaign of disinformation.

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