Is the fix in for Hillary Clinton in 2016?

By David Rogers
By David Rogers

In traditional Clintonian manner, Hillary Clinton once again seems immune to any consequence of scandal. No one can be this fortunate without a little help. As FBI Director Jim Comey announced last week, no criminal actions were indicated by their long investigation of  Clinton’s actions regarding unsecured e-mail servers while serving as Secretary of State. The average American is being asked to swallow hard and move on. Nothing to see here. The Clinton campaign tweeted that they were glad to see the matter finally settled. But has anything been settled, other than our political system is in a state of unprecedented turmoil?

Andrew Wilkow put it well on his XM Radio program:  “America is no longer a nation of law. At least for the chosen few. Maybe for you and me, but not for Hillary Clinton and others like her.” Flashback to a few days ago, Bill Clinton just happens to be in Phoenix as Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s plane waited on the tarmac. He just chanced to stop in for a half-hour on-board meeting where, according to Lynch, “we talked mainly about golf and his grandchildren.” How fortunate for him he happened to be in the neighborhood to while away such good times with an old friend!

Of course, those who know the Clintons have a differing view of what was actually said on that plane, blatant regard for any proper protocol aside. Former Clinton insider Larry Nichols claims he wrote the playbook Bill Clinton was following and opined that the meeting involved more nefarious motives as seen on the Alex Jones show here:

Whatever happened, we must examine the perplexing outcomes surrounding the Clinton’s irresponsible behavior and ask the simple question “Is the fix in for Hillary?” This is more than just “bad optics for the Clinton campaign” as many weak-kneed mainstream media types have put it. This is the outright manipulation of law for political purposes.

Judge Jeanine Pirro opined a few weeks ago on her Fox News program that the Republican establishment was spending more time and resources attacking Donald Trump’s credibility than they were attempting to form a game plan against the Clinton campaign. She speculated the only possible explanation was that the establishment Republicans would rather see Hillary elected, thus continuing the entrenched crony capitalism and stream of entitlement and special interest spending, than have someone like Trump come in and upset the apple cart.

Now we have an obvious case of abuse of power, and as has been laid out by Rudy Guiliani, Andrew Napolitano and many others, ample evidence for a criminal case against the presumptive Democrat nominee. Director Comey’s assessment posits “extremely careless mishandling” of classified state documents but no criminal intent or negligence on Clinton’s part. Barely a day after Mr. Comey’s conflicted assessment, our illustrious Attorney general wasted no time declaring the investigation closed with no criminal charges. Perhaps a lack of commitment to law classes is showing, but one would have thought such irresponsible carelessness was negligence by definition. Never mind the numerous public lies we can cue up from  Clinton’s interviews stating there “were no classified document on the server”. The whole process reeks of insider influence and conspiracy.

There is only one rational conclusion to this unprecedented commotion. The establishment, call them Democrats, Republicans, or whatever you wish, needs a player in the White House in 2017 that will allow business as usual in Washington. Keep the dollars flowing and the debt growing. No other explanation makes any sense at all. Director Comey, Attorney General Lynch, President Obama and any other participants are just toeing the company line. Perhaps Donald Trump should rephrase his epithet from “Crooked Hillary” to “Teflon Hillary.” It seems the “Crooked” appellation may have wider application.

The Democrats know that Clinton has been groomed for this position for years and is their only chance to retain the White House in 2017. If she were indicted and Joe Biden was shoved into the spotlight, they know they are in trouble. Even the most morose manipulation of voters or actual votes might not assure Crazy Uncle Joe makes it back to the White House. Even against a vulnerable candidate like Donald Trump. And it must be argued that both sides of the aisle might be viewing a Clinton presidency as preferable to a Trump presidency.

Contrast President Obama’s recent endorsement that “Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate for President in history” to talk show host Mark Levin’s challenge of naming three significant accomplishments in  Clinton’s career. Mr. Levin has yet to have a guest or caller on his program that can answer that question succinctly. Talking on issues or promoting positions is not an accomplishment by the way. This particular incident is just another black mark on Clinton’s legacy, with few, if any, positive offsets appearing throughout her history.

Perhaps the one accomplishment Clinton is being set up for is to “keep the Washington gravy train rolling.” That is one achievement that the average American can ill afford or suffer many further consequences of. If the fix is indeed in for Hillary in 2016, the future of America itself must be put in question. Our country cannot head down the road it is on for much longer. Is there any power or circumstance that can prevent what seems to be the inevitable? While Clinton’s luck seems to be holding, America’s luck may be running out.


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