Four Reason’s Pelosi’s Faux Impeachment Will Fail

“It’s been going on for 22 months, okay? Two-and-a-half years, actually.” – Nancy Pelosi discussing Trump Impeachment on 12/13/2019.

By David Rogers

Nancy Pelosi has tipped her hand. She is usually more cautious, read more obfuscating. When questioned why the Democrats were pushing the Trump impeachment hearings at such a frantic pace, she openly admitted the fake impeachment charges forwarded by the House are merely an extension of a political process that began before Trump even took office. Pity that the “offense” under investigation allegedly only took place last summer.

It is even more noteworthy that Pelosi and the same Democrat talking Heads that labeled these actions “urgent” and necessary to thwart Trump’s “imminent threat to national security,” suddenly seem in no hurry to forward anything to the Senate. Pelosi and Schumer have made half-hearted attempts to express concern over a “fair and impartial” hearing in the Senate. They have even demanded to have a say in the nature of the Senate proceedings, something not provided by the Constitution.

This apprehension over phantom Senate bias would almost be amusing had the Democrats offered any sort of fair or equitable procedures in their proceedings. There were no opportunities for the accused to respond, no allowance for Federal Rules of Evidence and not one first-party witness to any of the concocted charges could be produced. Hearsay substituted for real evidence.  Nothing the House could conjure, real or imagined, remotely approached the constitutional test of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Despite all of this, there are deeper reason that the impeachment will have little chance of making it through the Senate. The actual convening of a trial hearing is unlikely. Here are four reasons why:

1) A Weak to Non-existent Case – As mentioned, there is no concrete evidence to support the charges levelled against Trump. When Schumer calls for “at least four additional witnesses” to be summoned for Senate hearings, you know the Democrats are concerned about the thinness of their case. A strict party-line House vote to pass the charges does not look good either.

2) The Potential for Backfire in 2020 – Even with fudged and biased polls, it is clear that the average voter is fed up with this nonsense. Elections are often decided by the 20% of Independents sitting on the fence and looking for substance. This is not the substance they are looking for from the Democrats. The further this goes, the harsher the expected backlash in November.

3) Republicans Control the Senate – This seems obvious, but it is not as simple as it sounds. While a few Republicans are considering an opportunity to derail Trump, most Republicans, and even a few Democrats, are tuned in to the popularity and effectiveness of Trump’s policies. They know that the backlash the Democrats will feel in 2020 would go double for them if they turn on Trump. Still, there are enough Republican swamp creatures to make the whole affair interesting should it proceed.

4) Skeletons on Both Sides will Surface in a Trial – There is a river of dirty money running through Washington, and it stains the hands of Democrats and Republicans alike. Should this come to a full trial, the Trump Administration is prepared to lay out evidence that would end the careers (and likely lead to serious criminal investigations) of Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton, Feinstein, Schiff, and many others. Mitch McConnell will have his dealings through his wife Elaine Chow exposed with China, as Hunter Biden’s greater corruptions run through China not Ukraine. According to Peter Schweitzer and others, that same money train runs right through the McConnell household. There are numerous other examples. NOBODY, Republican or Democrat, wants this information splashed across the newspapers.

Trump has openly demanded that the charges be sent to the Senate. He sees this as a grand opportunity to consolidate public opinion as he lays out his case against swamp creatures of a varying stripe. A Senate trial is the perfect platform for Trump to say “I told you so”. If played properly, Trump would galvanize public opinion to the point he would be untouchable in the 2020 election.

The standard Democrat strategy of accusing your opponents of what you are perpetrating is set to backfire on them. Big time. Trump is a fighter and a savvy operator when it comes to these sort of games. He is, after all, a career New Yorker. Pelosi will find, if this actually goes the distance, she has taken on the wrong opponent. Trump can spar with the best of them, only this time he would have the facts on his side. Trump has sharpened his position while Pelosi and the Democrats have been spinning their wheels trying to fabricate ways to get rid of him. Pelosi’s carelessness should prompt her to reconsider her strategy.

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