By David Rogers

If we and our posterity reject religious instruction and authority, violate the rules of eternal justice, trifle with the injunctions of morality, and recklessly destroy the political Constitution which holds us together, no one can tell what sudden catastrophe may overwhelm us; that shall bury all our glory in profound obscurity. – Daniel Webster

This past week we celebrated another anniversary of the greatest country and most profound experiment in freedom that the world has ever known. But this anniversary occurs under darkening clouds. Clouds of immorality, political savagery, and general unrest. Clouds of oppression and despair from those who should be providing light and leadership. Clouds of sorrow from a people who are slowly losing their way, and risk losing their freedom and their very souls. Utahans, of all people, may have an acute understanding of this battle. The battle for our freedom and dignity as a nation. The battle for God and country.

Our economy has been devastated by irresponsible spending for political gain. Many states, and our federal government, teeter on financial dissolution. Our schools and public institutions have been stripped of the Judeo-Christian values upon which they were founded. Voices of power in high office declare our Constitution obsolete. The God-given natural rights embodied in that Constitution are being replaced by insidious philosophies that declare the state ultimately holds the power to declare our rights and liberties. We are being divided along racial and socio-economic lines by individuals who do so only to keep us from recognizing their deleterious desires. We are being duped by false moralities that lead us down deadly paths. And this is all disguised under the false pretenses of political correctness and social justice.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has been pushed out of our public discourse. His hand is no longer recognized in the past history or future destiny of our country. America is branded as an oppressive, racist, xenophobic country. This is a fatal mistake. The power granted by men unto other men is temporary. It is fleeting at best. And only those principles that transfer into the eternities will remain standing.

The rights and powers that God grants unto men are eternally fixed and unchangeable. That cannot be refuted without an outright denial of the reality of deity, despite the efforts of conspiring men to regulate such ideas out of existence. These endowments will rise and swell in men’s hearts as long as there are a people with heart remaining, despite the most despotic efforts against them.

We have a choice as a country. Awaken and return to those God-given principles that our Founders established in the infancy of our country, or face the judgments and consequences that may result if we continue in ignorance and defiance of such principles. America is exceptional; it is the most intriguing experiment in liberty ever to be attempted throughout history. But that experiment must be honored and upheld if it is to last. No country has ever given so much as America to defend the ideals of liberty, Unfortunately, the conflict to preserve liberty is far from over.

Can we as a people be faithful to the trust and principles granted unto us at our country’s founding? Can we exercise wisdom and judgment, before God and man, to use that liberty to choose the right in both principle and action in order to benefit ourselves and those around us? Only then can a free republic truly harvest the fruits of that freedom. Choices to the contrary will lead to the ever stifling encroachment of the statists, as we naively seek solutions from government powers to stabilize a deteriorating moral and social situation and slowly surrender our liberties to save us from ourselves. The scriptures tell us that “sin is bondage”. Never has that principle been truer than in the application of free government.

We are being constantly surrounded by those in America who seek to convince us that they alone hold the solutions to our problems. We need only surrender a bit more of our liberty to their discretion in the guise of supposed security. This is a ruse and a deception of the highest order. What we must do is resolve to save ourselves. We need to ensure we use our liberties for the proper purposes.

Those purposes should seek the benevolent welfare of ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, communities, and country. These solutions must begin within the comforts of our own hearts. In the religious world, this would be called repentance. In the world of national affairs, we can simply call it wisdom, common sense and the true spirit of patriotism. A spirit that seeks not only our own welfare but strives to guarantee the welfare of others.

It is my Independence Day wish that we each be a little more cognizant, a bit more awake and aware, of the principles that guide liberty and keep it fresh within our daily thoughts and actions. To be a true patriot is to use that liberty to choose the right, every time. And if we choose that which is not right, we must have the fortitude to recognize an error and correct ourselves quickly.

God granted man the capacity and wisdom to choose, this is the foundation of liberty as we know it. We must continue in that liberty to enforce correct principle and root out, through individual choice, those principles that would bind us rather than lift us. And we must place in leadership only those who can comprehend and enforce such principles. Only in this way can we ensure that liberty can be maintained over time. God bless each one of us on this revered holiday and God bless America.

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David M. Rogers is a well traveled Utah resident for the past twenty four years. He has had a diverse career in finance, banking and real estate extending over twenty seven years, with degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson University and Brigham Young University. With his wife (of 30 years), David a father of five and lives in Utah County, Utah.