GOP Chair Evans: Will Refer Fraudulent Robodial To AG for Possible Prosecution

Shenanigans in Davis County?

With Davis County’s Republican Party in tumult, a robodial made alleging to be from the Utah Republican Party will be referred to the Utah Attorney General’s Office for possible prosecution.

On Thursday afternoon, Utah State Republican Party Chair James Evans sent out an email to Davis County Republicans asserting that the Republican Party has not conducted a robodial polling party members about Wright.

You may have received a robocall on July 8, 2014, at approximately 10:30 am “conducting” a poll about your county party chair Phill Wright. Your caller id most likely showed that the call came from the Utah Republican Party (801-533-9777). I can assure with 100 percent certainty that the Utah Republican Party did not make this robocall.

Wright has been under fire recently and some have called for his replacement. The calls began when it emerged that he was not a registered Republican at the time he was elected as Davis County Republican Party Chair, due to a SNAFU when he registered to vote by mail and failed to check the box that designated a party affiliation.

Learn more about the Davis County GOP’s infighting here.

In the email sent Davis County Republicans, Evans states that he is “referring this matter to the Utah Attorney’s General office for investigation and possible prosecution.”

Davis County Robocall

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