Got a good business idea? Parowan will sell you the building for a dollar

Got a good business idea? Parowan will sell you the building for a dollarIf you’ve got a good idea for a business and wouldn’t mind running it 25 minutes north of Cedar City, Parowan has a deal for you. After the owners of the building decided that they no longer wanted to deal with the upkeep and taxes, they donated a small commercial space at 17 N Main St to the city. An economic development committee decided the best way to handle it is to offer it to the person with the best business idea at McDonald’s value menu pricing.

This is very different from how many cities have traditionally handled economic development. There’s few formal requirements, no tax incentives, and no performance benchmarks. City Manager Shayne Scott says the main interest is to see what people can come up with and let them run with it, be that a new shop, a restaurant, or some kind of office space. The building even has fiber optic service from South Central Communications right at the curb, though not yet in the building.

But, of course, there’s a catch: the building needs some extensive renovations. The roof is in okay condition, but the interior has been entirely stripped and needs a lot of work. Even though the building is as close to free as legally possible, you’ll still need to bring some money to the table to make it work.

If you’re interested in pitching to the city or getting a tour of the building, contact City Manager Shayne Scott at (435) 477-3331 or

Parowan City media release on free Rufus Building

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