Governor Herbert Signs 42 Bills Including Measure Against White Collar Crime [UPH Wire]

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Governor signs 42 bills including measure against White Collar Crime
SALT LAKE CITY (March 24, 2015) – Gov. Gary R. Herbert signed 42 bills
today, bringing the total number of bills signed from the 2015 General
Legislative Session to 144.
Among those signed were HB 378
, White Collar Crime
Registry and HB 415 ,
Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes. HB 378 authorizes the attorney general
to develop and operate a Utah White Collar Crime Offender registry, which
will be made available to the public.
“Whether a criminal wears a white collar or a blue collar, I am a strong
supporter of protecting the consumer and the public from fraud and
predatory practices,” said Gov. Herbert. “This bill helps us do that and
I’m proud to sign it.”
HB 415 places state restrictions on the selling or distribution of
electronic cigarette products. It allows the Dept. of Health to determine
product quality, nicotine content, and packaging and labeling standards.
“Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine and other harmful, addictive
substances,” said Gov. Herbert. “As marketing and sales of e-cigarettes
increase, taxation and regulations similar to those imposed on traditional
tobacco products should be enforced to protect public health.”
The complete list of bills signed today by the governor is as follows:
HB 27
Department of Corrections Retirement Amendments
Hutchings, E.
HB 29
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board Amendments
Cox, F.
HB 31
Natural Gas Amendments
Handy, S.
HB 44
Surface Leases Procedure Amendment
McKell, M.
HB 55
Repeal of Methamphetamine Housing Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Account
Redd, E.
HB 59
Agriculture Modifications
McKell, M.
HB 70
Posting Political Signs on Public Property
Daw, B.
HB 75
Children’s Health Insurance Program Amendments
Hawkes, T.
HB 84
Lead Recycling Amendments
Nelson, M.
HB 85
Peace Officer Training Amendments
Roberts, M.
HB 94
Investigational Drug and Device Access for Terminally Ill Patients
Froerer, G.
HB 97
Election of Officials of New Municipality
Cox, J.
HB 104
Cow-share Program Amendments
Roberts, M.
HB 116
Boating Safety Amendments
Chew, S.
HB 122
Technology Services Amendments
Romero, A.
HB 129
Economic Development Incentive Amendment
Powell, K.
HB 146
Driving Under the Influence Revisions
Eliason, S.
HB 163
Student Data Breach Requirements
Knotwell, J.
HB 170
Legislative Audit Amendments
Christensen, L.
HB 179
License Plate Fee Amendments
Westwood, J.
HB 185
Charitable Solicitation Act Amendments
Cutler, B.
HB 187
Amendments to Health and Human Services Funds
Redd, Ed.
HB 203
Teacher Salary Supplement Program Amendments
Last, B.
HB 205
Veteran Claim Assistance Disclosure
Poulsen, M.
HB 220
Vote by Mail Amendments
Chavez-Houck, R.
HB 233
Military Education Amendments
Oda, C.
HB 237
Vision Screening Amendments
Brown, M.
HB 248
Campaign Finance Reporting Revisions
Hall, C.
HB 261
Horse Tripping Amendments
Ivory, K.
HB 276
Agriculture Structure Amendments
McKell, M.
HB 340
Voter Pre registration Amendments
Cox, J.
HB 378
White Collar Crime Registry
McKell, M.
HB 415
Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes
Ray, P.
Concurrent Resolution Regarding an Interlocal Agreement with Jordan River
Cunningham, R.
SB 132
Fiscal Requirements for Local Governments and Nonprofits
Bramble. C.
SB 14
Renewable Energy Tax Credit Amendments
Okerlund, R.
SB 52
Asset Forfeiture Amendments
Stephenson, H.
SB 61
Medicaid Audit Amendments
Hillyard, L.
SB 76
Rural Physician Loan Repayment Program
Hinkins, D.
SB 77
Adoption Records Access Amendments
Weiler, T.
SB 165
Property Tax Valuation Assessment Modifications
Bramble, C.
SB 257
Antitrust Amendments
Bramble, C.

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