Grading Presidential Candidate Logos: Part Deux

Earlier this month, I graded the logos of most of the current candidates for President. At the time, Bobby Jindal and John Kasich hadn’t announced yet, so I didn’t have any opinion on their logos. Now that they have entered the race, here are my grades for their campaign logos:


Grading Presidential Candidate Logos: Part DeuxHe’s got a solid wordmark. I like the different weighted fonts here, and the uniform case is classy. Additionally, he uses a sans-serif font, which is appropriate for anybody running for anything these days. I also like the light grey “for President” because it is appropriately restrained. The knock on this logo is the J. It almost looks like it’s trying to be the Obama O – flag down below, blue field above – but it doesn’t work here because the letter isn’t conducive to being the same kind of icon that the O is. It’s not a knock on J, it’s a fine letter, but it’s just a fact. Nevertheless, it’s not bad overall.


Grading Presidential Candidate Logos: Part DeuxJohn Kasich, I really can’t describe how much I dislike this logo. Jeb!’s logo was humorously bad, almost as though it was terrible on purpose. This is bad on accident. First of all, the K flag is an abomination that should be put out to pasture as soon as is possible. You may be asking “What’s so bad about it?” I’ll tell you what’s so bad: Look at the 3 stripes. Do you notice anything about them? They aren’t symmetrical! The only way this flag is waving in the breeze is if it’s already tattered. Add the fact that the K has absolutely no connection to the abstract bottom segment of the American flag, and you’ve got something that is so bad that my eyes bleed when I look at it. If his last name started with an I then he may be able to salvage this. The other issue is the use of just his last name. Only 37% of people even know who he is. I get that his last name is different, but this won’t cut it if he’s hoping to do more than waste a lot of money.

This is so bad that I had to mock-up something better in Photoshop. Keep in mind that this is 5 minutes of work. While it’s not perfect, it uses the same flag iconography he wants, only I deleted that abomination of a top stripe and duplicated his existing design thoughts. It puts his first name on it for name recognition and it takes it from a big F up to a solid C+/B-. Also to note – I know the flag is blurry, that’s due to the poor resolution of the original logo on his website.Grading Presidential Candidate Logos: Part Deux

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