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“The Green New Deal wasn’t originally a climate thing at all…we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.” – Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti.

“As President, Bernie Sanders will launch the decade of the Green New Deal, a ten-year, nationwide mobilization centered around justice and equity during which climate change will be factored into virtually every area of policy, from immigration to trade to foreign policy and beyond.” –

By David Rogers

Here we are many months after the idea of the Green New Deal was forwarded. Initially thought by many analysts as some sort of fantasy laden joke, this untenable plan has now become a staple in the platforms of all the 2020 Democrat candidates. Bernie Sanders, among others, has just released his version of this “deal” with the main goal of “Reaching 100 percent renewable energy for electricity and transportation by no later than 2030 and complete decarbonization by 2050 at the latest.”

It is time we all took a hard look at this “deal” for what it really is; a Socialist style takeover of the economy by controlling all energy. America was built on cheap energy. The majority of materials, technology, and transportation over the last century are based on fossil fuels and their derivatives. This is not to say that an identical framework defines the future, but a complete “decarbonization” by 2050 and all of the other mandates baked into the deal are totally unrealistic.

The point is, the climate is not the real agenda. Complete control of industry and population is. If the climate were the primary concern, this framework would not contain loopholes for large corporations to essentially buy their way out of any emissions regulations. But it does contain such provisions. What that equates to is that the average American has to give up their car, ration their heat and electricity, maybe abandon their free-standing homes, but General Motors, Daihatsu or Huawei does whatever they please.

This sort of hypocrisy should be called out and denounced by every conservative, private or public. The same President Obama that stood for radical climate change legislation, noting that rising oceans would soon destroy coastlines around the world, just built a fifteen million dollar summer home in Martha’s Vineyard, right on the ocean. Seems even the most ardent purveyors of this “science” do not actually believe their own rhetoric.

It is an important goal to continue to explore and refine renewables. More money and research should be devoted to such avenues, but we are still a ways from practical, cost-effective solutions. Actually, geothermal has more imminent potential than solar or wind, but with all three combined we would be stretching to meet twenty percent of our current energy needs.

To implement such a radical plan plunges industrialized countries into a “Hunger Games” scenario within a decade. All in the name of unproven climate change science. And again, to belabor the point, if you think it is all about saving the planet, you need to re-examine who this will affect the most. And it will not be the major polluters. It will be individual households that take the brunt of these changes.

The framework of The Green New Deal is so radical, so impossible and so unsustainable that it should not engender any discussion among rational minds whatsoever. Yet it is front-page news day in and day out. This should confirm even to the casual observer that there is a larger agenda at work. And putting control of all energy resources in the hands of the State is one massive agenda.

Energy is the lifeblood of any modern economy. The Green New Deal would sever that lifeline, or at least strangulate it, in ways that would forever alter the American economy and basic global commerce. This nonsense needs to be seen for the thinly veiled dictatorial control it implies and be jettisoned for practical and realistic policy.

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