Hard Left Turn

By David Rogers

We have had a full month (and a bit) to watch and assess the new Biden Administration. The initial results do not look promising. The momentary initial rhetoric of Biden’s promise to be “a President for all Americans” is fading in the rearview mirror as Biden rolls out dozens of executive orders aimed at negating any conservative progress under the Trump administration. Even the usually supportive New York Times has wondered if Biden understands the proper role of such orders. Combined with Mitch McConnell’s backpedaling statement that we “need to put the Trump administration behind us”, it is clear that from a perspective of political philosophy Biden and his acolytes are determined to take the country hard to the left.

This was apparent from the afternoon of the inauguration when President Biden stepped into the Oval Office and confronted a large stack of pre-written executive orders that immediately started pushing policy in a radically progressive direction. Biden’s first stumbling town hall revealed he is not in full control, begging the question as to who is really running the country and pushing this potentially crippling agenda. From a conservative perspective, the inmates have now taken over the asylum and the outlook is not promising.

Biden’s policies run from the simply progressive to the absurd. For example, freeing up young men who identify as transgender to compete in women’s sports in high school and college will destroy women’s sports completely and undo decades of progress under Title IX. Statisticians point out appropriately that in 2019 over three hundred high school boys ran 400-meter times that would have beaten the women’s standing Olympic record. This is a poor representation of the party that supposedly believes in science.

The social engineering continues as the borders are being thrown open, amnesty being suggested for tens of millions of illegals residing within our borders, and handouts mandated for said beneficiaries. This will bankrupt several states and strain the federal entitlement system to the limit, all in the name of buying more dedicated Democrat voters. Instituting unobtainable ideals of “equity” in all federal undertakings is another liberal boondoggle that will be impossible to administer in any rational manner.

International relations will be set back as Biden intends to renew the Iran nuclear deal (a prospect that has Israel literally headed to wartime footing) and rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. The accord would take away sovereign decisions on the industry, energy, and the environment and place them in the hands of a distant global bureaucracy. And Biden weakens national security by bowing to China as they renew their threats on Taiwan and intrusions into the South China Sea.

The Keystone pipeline has been canceled, setting back our national energy independence, a first under the Trump administration, destroying thousands of high-paying jobs, and increasing our dependency on foreign oil. In the meantime, a polar vortex extending all the way to Texas reveals just how fragile dependence on renewable energy can be, strengthening the argument for more emphasis on clean-burning fossil fuels.

Draconian gun legislation is being introduced in the House, responding to Kamala Harris’ threat to “do something by executive order to ban guns within 100 days” if Congress does not resolve the issue first. This is not a red state – blue state partisan undertaking. Gun owners in all fifty states are already up in arms about such proposed legislation as H.R. 127. Irritated Texans have introduced secessionist legislation in response, as other states have declared Second Amendment sanctuary status.

Also, labeling anyone who supported Trump or thought the election might have been a wee bit suspicious as “domestic terrorist” and suggesting a “private police force” and “re-education camps” for such lost souls will certainly not resonate with voters who were expecting a more unified country.

Meanwhile, Republicans sit by in relative silence as the orders flow one after another, with nary a peep of objection as many diktats push the bounds of constitutionality. In short, the President for all of us, so-called, has barely taken a seat and is pushing an unapologetic super-leftist agenda, without discussion or the usual weighing of public opinion. Further, those who support such measures are emboldened to impose such measures at state and local levels.

It is baffling to wonder if even some of the avid Biden supporters last November expected this sort of opening to the administration’s first weeks in office. At this pace, Biden will have the country backsliding from the gains Trump engineered in no time. To all those who thought they voted for a “return to rationality” after Trump…caveat emptor!

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