Hatch endorses Jeb Bush for President [UPH Wire]

Aug. 12, 2015
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Orrin Hatch Endorses Jeb Bush for President

Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah issued the following statement in support of
Jeb Bush’s candidacy for President:
“Our country is in the midst of a crisis in leadership. At home, our
economy continues to limp along and too many citizens lack good jobs and
opportunities to advance. Abroad, the United States appears weak. Our
enemies no longer fear us and many of our friends no longer trust us.
“We need a President who will restore America’s strength by promoting real
opportunity for all and by reengaging with the world. Jeb Bush is a proven
leader who has the experience and the commitment to get our country back on
Jeb has a longstanding record of conservative reform. In Florida, he cut
taxes, eliminated wasteful spending, and reformed broken government
programs so that they better served people most in need. Jeb created the
first statewide school choice program, expanding opportunities for parents
and students. He took on the teacher’s unions and won.
“I am confident Jeb will do the same for our country — creating jobs,
expanding opportunity for all, and restoring America’s standing in the
world. Most important, I know Jeb will help our country move beyond the
politics of polarization. He will work to unite our party and our nation.
And he will reform government so that it serves the best interests of all
the people. Jeb is a doer, not just a talker. And our country desperately
needs a conservative doer in the White House.
“For all of these reasons, I am pleased to endorse Jeb Bush for President
of the United States.”

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