Healthy Utah is getting the Jimmy Hoffa treatment

By Jesse Harris
By Jesse Harris

Isn’t it funny that Healthy Utah, the one big issue that everyone even mildly interested in the legislature was talking about, hasn’t had much said about it lately? In fact, other than some reporting on quiet behind-the-scenes negotiations and the Gov’s planned trip to DC, there’s not much in the public to chew on.


So what do we make of the silence?

First off, the House already drew their line in the sand. They won’t want to spend more state money on entitlements. It’s hard to see how “spend no more state money” turns into “well, just spend a little more”. Maybe they aren’t talking because they’ve already made their position pretty clear.

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So what of the governor? He obviously really, really wants some kind of deal beyond that. Maybe it’s to build a legacy. Maybe he really believes that we should chase matching funds. Or maybe he thinks it’ll keep his approval ratings high. Who knows.

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I’m pretty sure that both parties don’t really want a deal. Republicans need to tell voters “we held the line on spending”. Democrats need to tell voters “look how awful those guys are to poor people”. A deal that fails is good red meat for both.

haters gonna hate Taylor Swift

So why do I say that Healthy Utah is getting the Jimmy Hoffa treatment? Because it sure does seem like it’s quietly disappearing and nobody is able to find the body.

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